Tuesday, December 11, 2018

How to better communicate with anyone

Below are few of the best advices which i gathered from various places to become a good communicator:

  1. Take Responsibility for what you say and how you say
  2. Aware of difference between facts and opinions
  3. Listen, be curious, ask questions
  4. Differentiate between people whether they are detail oriented or big picture
  5. Different people like different kind of words like someone likes more visuals for eg “In view of” , “Looks like” and some like Auditory words like “Rings a bell”, “to tell the truth”
  6. Stand OUT: Make your presence felt
  7. Dont invade anyones's personal space
  8. Always give a firm handshake
  9. Use Direct Eye Contact but dont be too dominant
  10. Be Friendly: Have an open stance, Keep a friendly expressions and always lean Forward
  11. Try and read people by body language and talk to them in that manner.
  12. Be Authoritative: Tall Stance, Height, Size, Take more space while sitting, standing


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