Monday, February 16, 2015

Are Your PPC Campaigns Tagged for Success?

In the world of PPC, we are surrounded by tags of all shapes and sizes. Our landing page URLs have tags. Our websites have tags. And all of these tags, pixels, codes, and parameters communicate with each other. The proper implementation of these tags is paramount to successful PPC campaign management - without clean data, we can’t do our jobs.
Both Google AdWords and Bing Ads have implemented changes and are making announcements for future changes that directly impact campaign tagging protocol. Much like the search industry as a whole, the changes are coming at us fast. Are you keeping up? Are your PPC campaigns tagged for success? Let’s make sure…

AdWords URL Tag Update

Last week the PPC world was all abuzz about a soon-to-come AdWords announcement. On Monday, it was made official. In short, AdWords campaigns will migrate to a system where your destination URL (landing page) and tracking parameters are separate entities. Why does this matter? Your destination URL will only have to be entered once - and will not encounter future editorial delays when you upload new ads. This also creates some efficiencies for applying tracking parameters as well as making account-wide landing page changes.
This will be a forced migration, so be prepared. The feature will begin rolling out to advertisers starting this week. But everyone will be forced to upgrade by July 1, 2015. For those of you using third-party tools that tag your destination URLs, this stands to throw a wrench in the system. Now that Google has made its formal announcement, I fully expect PPC tool providers to follow suit with announcements of their own for development upgrades.

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