Friday, January 2, 2015

The Social Side Of Search Engine Land: Our Top 25 Most Shared Stories Of 2014

Well, dear readers, here we are! The last day of 2014 has arrived, and in a few short hours (depending on your timezone), the New Year will unfold before us.
Whether you’ve been following along with our news stories for the past 12 months or quickly brought yourself up to speed with our ongoing Most Popular Stories series here on Search Engine Land, you’ve no doubt noticed that this year has been a pretty eventful one for our industry. (Understatement of the century?)
Over the past few days, we’ve explored the year’s most popular SEO evolutions, paid search articles, link building lessons, and everything in between. Now, however, we want to shift the focus a bit, zoom out to a bigger picture, and head over to the social side of things.
A fascinating takeaway from our SMX conference series this year was the concept of a hierarchy of social engagement. Within this hierarchy, likes and favorites are treated as “pretty cool,” comments are considered better, and shares are regarded as a supreme achievement.
Put simply, shares are where it’s at. More than likes and comments, they serve to validate that the content you’ve created is worth something, so much so that people feel compelled to, well, share it with their personal circle of contacts. That’s amazing.

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