Monday, December 1, 2014

India's Internet Users Make Big Changes After Data Breache

India's web users more likely to change digital buying habits than those in UK, US and Australia 

According to research from ISACA, internet users in India are significantly more likely to change their digital purchasing behaviors because of retailers’ data breaches. In the UK, US and Australia, between three and four in 10 internet users surveyed during September 2014 said such breaches had no effect on their shopping behavior. Only 12% in India failed to change their habits to protect themselves.

The No. 1 safety-related change in all countries, including India, was to change passwords or PINs. Nearly half of internet users in India had done so after a data breach. Around one-third said they had started using cash rather than credit cards—a tactic much less popular in the other countries studied. And another third said they made fewer mobile purchases; that was more than twice the rate who cut back on mobile buying in the UK, US or Australia.

Internet users in India were more than twice as likely to say they made fewer online purchases overall because of data breaches, as well.
Compared with the ecommerce markets in Australia, the US and UK, India’s ecommerce market as a whole is immature. Retailers hoping for success in the space will have to work to assure buyers they will be secure in their transactions.


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