Wednesday, November 12, 2014

What Social Media Can Do for Your Business Today

What Social Media Can Do for Your Business Today
In essence, it has become possible for small businesses to grow and succeed using social platforms. A business with a vision to expand and grow must embrace social media because of the numerous benefits that it can offer. Still wondering what it can do for your business?

1. It creates an easy way to know your audience better

The growth of any business can greatly depend on how well it knows its audience. When you know your audience, it becomes easier for you to offer products and services that match their preferences. Through social media platforms, you will get to know the gender, age and even the dominant languages that your audience speaks. The knowledge comes in handy for you when creating products and campaigns with the target audience in mind.

2. It helps you target the right audience

Any business for sure has a specific target audience. Geo targeting is one of the most effective ways of sending out business messages since you can direct it to specific audiences to enjoy the right reactions. The platforms such asTwitter and Facebook have tools which can assist you in reaching out to the right audience by location, age, gender, interest, education, language and even relationship status. You can also choose your target audience by country, making it possible to send your message in the right language for maximum impact.

3. It makes it easier to get new customers

The social networks like Twitter gives freedom to small businesses to locate customers and in the same way seek potential new customers. It becomes easy to locate people tweeting about an issue touching on the products or services that you offer within a given area. Such locating of possibilities make it possible for you to reach out to them and even invite them to try what you have.

4. It gives you instant feedback

This is amazing since you can make improvements and changes to make sure that what you offer your audience meets with their expectations. The positive feedback lets you know what you are doing right and the negative will give insight on what to do better or improve on from the perspective of your customers. The instant feedback can actually help avoid losing customers when something isn’t working pleasantly for them since you can make drastic changes to make their experiences better.

5. It offers you market intelligence

Competitors are always there regardless of what field you are in. Through the social media networks, it becomes easier for you to get information on specific competitors. Through such information, you can make business decisions that are strategic to ensure that you stay ahead of the competition. The MARKET intelligence can help in making business improvements so that you remain unique in the services or products that you are offering to cover what your competitors are missing.

6. It increases traffic to your website

This is considering that the platforms have millions of active users and when you share content, you stand a chance to have the same shared across the board within hours especially when it is something that is interesting. The shares that you receive will not only add traffic to your business website, but can also greatly raise your search ranking which is good for business any day since it makes it easier for visitors to find you.

7. It promotes meaningful customer relationships

There is nothing that is more valuable than customers who feel appreciated and this is what social media can do for your business. This is because through these networks you can create dialogues based on a certain customer issue, thereby creating a relationship even after the issue has been solved or information has been shared. This is an advantage that can be hard for traditional advertising to achieve.

8. Make brand awareness easy and inexpensive

This is considering that the networks make content sharing easy and your brand can be moved faster and easier through sharing. You will actually enjoy better brand awareness without having to spend much on it. Even those who had no idea you existed will get to know about you and if what you have to offer interests them, you enjoy more conversions.
There is so much that you can get to gain through social media as a business. Running a business account is easy and it can do wonders for your small business.

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