Wednesday, November 5, 2014

6 Tips to Increase the Click through Rates of Your Marketing Emails

The advent of the internet had changed the business landscape altogether. Now, almost every business needs to have an online presence to perform better. And that’s not all. If you have a business, you need to engage in online marketing as well. Take my word for it.
So, how do you do it?
There are a number of easy steps that you can implement in your email marketing campaigns. And I can assure you, they are sure to fetch excellent results. These will increase the clicks rates for your emails and thus, will play a major role in taking your email marketing endeavors a step forward.
Here’s a quick look at the steps you can implement to maximize clicks on your emails.

Keep the Subject Line Perfect

The subject line! Well, that’s the first thing of your email marketing campaign that will catch the attention of your target audience. And it should have all the qualities to stand out in the crowd of hundreds of emails that she may have in her inbox.
An attractive subject line will surely drive the receivers of your email to open and go through it. So, take your time and decide a subject line that is sure to make the receivers feel interested to open it. Keep the subject line 50 characters or less. Adding the name of some person might not be helpful. But it has been observed that adding the name of a place plays a major role in driving the open rate up.

Help Solve Some Problem

Ask a question to yourself: what kinds of marketing emails do you open most? If you knew that an email from a certain source will help you solve some of the problems you are having, won’t you always open it? The same holds true for your audience as well.
Along with your marketing components, the links to your website and others, try to send solutions to some of the common difficulties they might face in their businesses. An example in this case is Quibb. The company’s approach has helped them gain an email open rate between 50% and 70%. This is really amazing, much above the average email open rate in North America.
Try to make your marketing email look customized for the reader. Write as if you are speaking to only one person. But remember, never be overtly promotional.

Know the Right Time

When do you send the emails to your target audience? In the middle of the night? It’s true the email remains in the inbox and she can open it later as well. But in most of the cases, the emails sent earlier are never opened. So, you need to know the right time to send the emails. Researches show that emails sent on Tuesdays, Wednesdays, and Thursdays are the most opened ones. So, choose any of these days. Do a bit of research to know what the most likely time for your potential customers to remain active is. Send during that time to achieve the best results.

Create Your Own Description for Each Mail

Almost in every mail, the reader usually is able to see the subject and a little more than that. The preview text, which is an introduction to the mail, is present just below the subject line. As the name suggests, this line will contain a few lines on the subject that the mail conveys. Thus, people will be able to see what’s there in your mail. And if they are interested, they will surely open it. And keep it short and simple, preferably within 50 characters.
Here’s how such an introduction (on the right side of the subject) will look like in Gmail, the email client of Google:
[Image Courtesy:]
On the contrary, if you don’t set an introduction to the mail, a few words from the body are automatically pulled and set for preview. They hardly make any sense and hence, has every chance of deterring a target customer from opening the mail.

Include Attractive Images in the Email

Why are you performing your email marketing? What do you want to achieve through it? For most of the businesses, the primary objective is to make the readers visit their website. So, you need to send the link of that website to your readers. But adding too many links in a single email, scattering it here and there, will just make it look clumsy. Don’t you think readers would, in turn, move away from a clumsy email?
So, what can you do to solve this? An easy way out is to use images in the email. Add a catchy subject line. And along with it, attach an excellent image that will attract the viewers. Insert the link of your website to the image. So, whenever any viewer clicks on the image, she will be directed to your website.

Fit in the Social Sharing Buttons

What’s an easy way to increase clicks for your email? Surely you can do it by sharing the email. And ensure that people who receive it can share it easily as well, provided they like it. The forward option will surely be there. Moreover, integrate the social sharing buttons. You should also add a readymade email forwarding option, which will make it easier for the readers to share the email. This, in turn, will increase the click through rates. You can also add clearly visible call-to-action buttons in the email.

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