Friday, October 10, 2014

Instagram On The Rise

Since it’s initiation in October 2010, Instagram has gained loyal followers and avid social photographers. While the platform originally was slow to adopt, the past four years has transformed it into one of the leading communication apps, making it now one of the most important communication devices for brands and advertisers. However, the app has evolved significantly, from everything from layout to demographics.
So, how have demographics evolved over the past four years? Where is Instagram now? A new report from BI Intelligence outlines five key ways the demographics have shifted and how it is influencing business.
1. Instagram has edged out Facebook and Twitter in terms of prestige among young users. 
While Facebook and Twitter have normally led the pack in leading social platforms, Instagram is now being described as “most important.” Teens are using Instagram significantly more than the other two platforms, causing much of its growth.
2. It is now more gendered-balanced.
Instagram used to be thought of as mainly a female channel. However, now half of all accounts are male users.
3. Instagram has drawn close to Twitter in terms of the number of total users.
While Twitter is still slightly in the lead, Instagram is trailing by only a small margin, narrowing the gap in number of followers.
4. The app has reached the youth tipping-point.
An overwhelming amount of teens and early twenty-something’s have joined Instagram. Over half of all individuals between 12-24 have reported that they have an Instagram account.
5. It’s even more popular among teens from wealthy households in the U.S.
Not only are young users making their presence on Instagram, these teens tend to be from wealthy, upper-income families.
The Instagram demographics have changed tremendously in the past couple of years. Advertisers can now see a younger, tech-savvy, wealthier crowd using their platform. These are important things to consider when deciding if Instagram is the right channel to leverage your brand.


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