Tuesday, October 28, 2014

5 Ways to Know Your Target Demographic

5 Ways to Know Your Target Demographic
Understanding your demographic as an entrepreneur or even as a seasoned business owner is a must. When you do not know the audience or demographic you are attempting to reach, it is nearly impossible to see the returns in income or revenue. There are a few ways to go about determining your target demographic that will help to ensure you are on the right path, in any market or industry.

Research Your Market

Before getting involved in any business endeavor, it's essential to research the market you want to appeal to thoroughly. Remember to leave no stone unturned. Understanding consumer needs, what they want and what is currently lacking in the industry can help to familiarize yourself with who you should appeal to with your company, brand and online presence.

Use an Official Website to Collect Data

Launching an official website is a must for any new business, whether you are promoting a startup or simply attempting to make a name for yourself. There are third-party services available to help with tracking stats and analytic data for your site, giving you even more insight into the demographic you should be targeting with your website and brand altogether. Knowledge is power.

Ask Questions and Use Integrated Web Polls

Once you have established an online presence, do not be afraid to ask for input and advice. You can even make data collection on customer preferences part of customer service initiatives. Integrating web polls is another method to determine what it is your audience is looking for and what they are missing. It is also an effective tool to test usability while getting feedback from individuals who are genuinely interested in your products, services or brand entirely. You’ll never know unless you ask.

Create a Consumer Mailing List

Create a consumer mailing list to keep in touch with those who are interested in the products and services you have to offer. Consumer mailing lists are ideal to check open rates and to determine who is reading your lists, by age, gender and even by location. Using a consumer mailing list is also a bit more personal, giving you options of offering discounts and coupons for those who are only subscribed to the lists themselves as an incentive to sign up. Everyone loves a party.

Engage Actively Using Social Media

Using social media today is also another effective method to get to know more about your audience and its demographic. Using social media allows you to ask questions while also providing insight into demographics and usage statistics. When you actively engage with your social media account, it is much easier to get a broad view of the demographic you are appealing to on a mass level. The more engaged you become with social media, your official website and consumer mailing list, the easier it is to create products and services that are likely to appeal to the demographic you have in mind.
There you have it! The more you know about your target audience or intended demographic, the easier it becomes to launch successful marketing campaigns and advertisements that are not only appealing, but also relevant. Understanding demographics for any business model is essential to succeed, otherwise failure is often imminent.

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