Tuesday, October 7, 2014

15 Ways to Simplify Your Content Writing for Social Media

If you don’t know this by now, you might have to learn the hard way: social media is the most important thing your company can have when it comes to marketing campaigns. You can bring in numerous new clients and work to keep relationships with existing ones. There is hardly a soul alive over the age of 13 that does not have a social media account, giving you the opportunity to advertise to an incredibly large pool of people. However, you might be stuck in the quagmire of social media posts and wondering just how you can simplify and smarten your social media content writing. Let’s look at 15 great ways to do this.
1. Stick With Things That Are Trendy And Familiar. When you are writing for social media, it is vital that you stick with the trends and what is familiar. You aren’t going to get many visitors to your site if you continually post about things they’ve never heard about or noticed on social media. A great idea for this is to use memes that everyone knows, re-tweet people like George Takei, or find other trends that will help your social accounts be trendy yet familiar.
2. Bring Up Unfamiliar Items After You Are Established. Didn’t I just say to stick to something familiar? Yes, yes I did, but you also will need to post about unfamiliar items at some point. Sure, someone is familiar with the latest George Takei post or funny Grumpy Cat meme, but many people might not be familiar with your product. You will need to share your new items and share unique items to help yourself stand out from the crowd. A great way to do this is to wait until you’ve established a few legitimate followers on your pages and then start sharing items from your business, as well as blogs, videos, or other fan bait type material.
3. Be A Positive Influence On Social Media. While there are tons of sarcastic and witty quips out there, it is vital for a small business to be positive on their social media accounts. Yes, you can be funny, but stay away from anything inflammatory or derogatory, as well as anything that could incite painful or negative feelings. You will see some companies being negative about certain events, but many times their client base revolts and makes the company apologize. It can take a while for a business to recuperate after that, and small businesses don’t really have that kind of time. If you continue to stay positive and happy, so will your customers.
4. Always Provide Useful Information. The one thing people love about social media and blog posts is that good posts always provide them with useful information. While you might find yourself limited to just how much information you can give over social accounts like Twitter, you can figure something out that will help you get more interaction and clicks. It is easier to give this type of information over Facebook, G+, LinkedIN, and others that allow for more that 140 characters, so always make sure you give something useful in your post content.
5. Relate To Your Followers To Form Relationships. You never want to dictate to your clients, but relate to them. Relating to your clients might seem like something your company shouldn’t do because you feel you really need to be super professional. However, if you are too cold and off-putting with your posts, your clients will feel like you are talking down to them instead of talking to them on their level. You might find that the more professional sounding your posts are, the more likely you are to sound cold and chase customers away.
6. Use More Networks Than Just The Trinity: Facebook, Twitter, Google+. Yes, there is the perfect trinity of Facebook, Twitter, and G+, but you should consider using other social media accounts. This will help you get more coverage and help you relate with different customers in ways that matter to them. You might find that a Pinterest account ends up reaching an audience that neither of the trinity social accounts reaches. You might even find that a Pinterest account will help your content go viral much quicker, as well. Look into using YouTube, Pinterest, LinkedIN, Instagram, and Snapchat. Always keep your eyes open, ready to learn about new social media sites and how you can incorporate a marketing plan into each one.
7. Make Sure You Incorporate Your Company’s Voice And Culture. One of the biggest elements to social media is having consistency with your company site and social posts. You don’t want to have a laid-back, surfer type tweet directing people to a highly professional page. If you want to keep your website more professional, then write a professional and laid back post. It is possible! It sounds difficult, but you can sound laid back while keeping a professional element to your posts.
8. When Posting To Social Media, Utilize That Amazing Gift; Common Sense. This seems like, well, common sense, but sometimes people forego common sense because they really want those sales. Common sense goes for knowing which holidays to post on and which to avoid any marketing and knowing the trends and what could be offensive. Just keep your eyes peeled and make sure your content utilizes common sense. With the Internet being filled with numerous opinions, you will be able to find enough information to help you craft common sense posts.
9. Encourage Participation From Your Followers. Yes, you should be posting about your products and services, but you should also encourage interaction and participation. Ask your clients silly questions, tell them to ask you silly questions, or have them tell you a lame joke. This is a great chance to utilize those hilariously weird holidays like “Tell A Dumb Joke Day” or “National Ice Cream Cone Day.” Have people give you answers or ideas to promote engagement!
10. Always Communicate With Your Social Media Followers. Just like you should be encouraging participation from followers, you should be participating, too. If a customer asks you a question, answer it. If someone says they love your services, like, favorite, re-tweet the comment, and be sure to thank them. This helps build that very important relationship that will keep your company going for many years.
11. Make Sure Your Posts Are Genuine And Natural Sounding. If joking isn’t your style, don’t force it. You need to make sure you adopt a natural sounding voice for your social media accounts. This will make sure your posts are genuine and don’t come across as forced or fake. If you want to utilize sarcasm, but aren’t sarcastic, you should find someone who is tops in the sarcasm department. If you want to sound professional, don’t ask your most sarcastic employee to help with the posts. Simply find and stick to a genuine voice for your posts.
12. Make Your Posts Easy To Read And Understand. Just like you want to make sure your blog posts are readable, you want your social content to be readable as well. If content is difficult to understand over social media, people will skip over until they are so used to skipping over your content that they forget about you. Some might even un-follow your sites. A great way to avoid this is by simply following the above steps. Being genuine, sounding natural, and encouraging participation will actually help make your posts easier to read and digest for social media followers.
13. Go For A Light, Conversational Tone For Social Media Readers. As I’ve often mentioned, you want to make sure that you have a genuine, natural sounding tone and most often this tone is one that is light and conversational. You can keep things professional, but the more professional you get, the more stilted and bland it will sound. If you sound like you’re simply chatting with your clients over social media, you might be able to generate more clicks and interaction from your followers.
14. Keep Your Voice Strong And Consistent. You will also want to make sure you keep your voice strong and consistent when writing your posts. What this means is that you should avoid having several people crafting posts for your social media accounts. It will be obvious you have multiple people posting, and some of those you’ve selected might not have a strong voice like you or others. Keep the voice consistent across all platforms to help develop relationships with clients, making them feel that they are connecting with only one person on your social site.
15. Seek Outside Help For Your Social Media Content. While these steps might be incredibly helpful, you might still feel like you’re drowning in all sorts of social media information. This could be a great time either to create a social media team of people who understand it or to hire outside help. There are several people who are trained social media managers that can incorporate all of these tips and create a great campaign for you. If you already have a campaign in place, a social media manager can help craft posts perfectly for it and get interaction from your followers.
Until Next Time
Social media can get a bit overwhelming, but if you follow the above steps, you will find that you are able to craft simple yet powerful social media posts. We all know just how important social media is for marketing campaigns, so utilize it to make an incredibly successful campaign to help boost your client numbers and revenue.

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