Thursday, October 23, 2014

15 Reasons Why Google Search Page Has Just 3 Buttons

Google is the most viewed website in the entire world. And while this may not come as a big surprise for those that use Google, it’s quite astonishing when you step back and realize that this site has one of the most simplistic designs on the entire internet. Here are 15 reasons why the Google search page has just three buttons and how it helps the site.

15 Reasons Why Google Search Page Has Just 3 Buttons
Minimalist Approach

With as much as there is on the internet, Google proves that a minimalist approach is best. In this case, less is certainly more when it comes to how well Google works.

It’s Easy To Use

Even those who are using the internet for the first time can easily use Google to search for things. With less buttons or confusing things to click on, anyone can learn how to use Google within just a few seconds on the site.

It’s a Simple Cover For a Complex Platform

It’s important to not be deceived by how simple Google is on the cover. This search engine offers millions of results in just a split second, which goes to show that you can’t judge a book, or a search engine, by it’s cover.

It Doesn’t Draw Attention From Anything Else

Google just wants you to know that you are on their site and nothing else. Therefore, there isn’t anything that is distracting or drawing your attention away from the fact that you are on their search engine page.

It Looks Better On Mobile Devices

With as many people that access the internet from mobile devices, it’s important that websites look smooth and are easy to use while on the go. With a simple and easy interface, people can access Google from their phones as easily as they can from their desktop.

It’s Quicker For People To Find What They Need

Google doesn’t require that you hit a lot of buttons or search through whatever the results are in order to find what you are after. Instead, there are simply three different buttons to press and you will be given a never-ending listing of results.

People Can Find Something New

With the, “I’m Feeling Lucky” button, users can even come across things even more quickly. Instead of waiting for a list of results and then clicking the link, this button allows users to be directed to the most common site when they type in a query into the search box.

It Makes Instant Responses Easier To Find

As a user is typing into the Google search box, there will automatically be results listed. Because there are only three buttons on the homepage, it’s easier to move these buttons and list the results that you are looking for.

It Leaves Room For Creative Images

Google has always done a great job of implementing creative images on their homepage. These images can be used to commemorate someone or something special, or they can be a way for Google to mix up the typically, “GOOGLE” image that most people are used to seeing.

It’ll Teach You Something New

By clicking on the image that is listed above the search box, users will find out something that they never knew before. This helps people to learn more about the internet, as well as the world in general.

It’s Recognizable

Google itself is a brand. Just like Pepsi, Nike, or Facebook images are recognized anywhere you go on earth, so is the word, “Google.” By having just that icon, people immediately associate it with the best search browser in the world.

It Changes The Way That Other Websites Are Built

Google’s simplistic and minimalist design has changed the way that other websites are designed and built. Other websites now know that they too have to consider a minimalist design, especially if they want to have the same type of success as they have.

It Allows For Easy Change

In the event that Google ever wants to change their layout, they can easily do so. Granted, there’s no point in fixing something that has been so successful. However, if they ever wanted to make this consideration, they’d be able to do so since the design is so simple.

Avoids People Accidently Clicking On The Wrong Button

One of the most frustrating things that can happen while your online is clicking on a link that you didn’t mean to. This often takes a long time for you to then back out and try to find what it is you are looking for. With the simplicity of Google’s page, you don’t have to worry about accidental clicks.

They Changed The Way Search Engines Were Created

Simply put, Google only has three buttons on their website because they wanted to be original and unique. Needless to say, they were successful. They were able to change the way that search engines were created and how the world viewed the internet. But this was only possible through their simplistic design.


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