Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Integrating Social and Email Marketing

DKIM and Google+

DKIM stands for DomainKeys Identified Mail.  It is the process of validating an email send from a third party.  Many email clients have started integrating DKIM to reduce the amount of SPAM and unauthorized email sends.  If you are using a third party email marketing service you need to be asking if they have DKIM for their service. 
How does this relate to Google+?  Well, if you have a verified Google+ business page with verified URL all emails sent from that domain will show your Google+ account to the right of the email in gmail.  This is pretty cool because it gives your reader the instant opportunity to connect with you on Google+.

Facebook and Twitter Social Buttons

Integrating share buttons in your emails give your audience the opportunity to easily share your content. In order to do this you first need to get a facebook and twitter share image.  Then for the facebook image you link to:
Replace <url> with the url you wish for your audience to share.  For the twitter button you have a few more options which I will go over, but again we link the image with the url below:
Replace <url> with the url you wish your audience to tweet.  You can also include the text in the tweet by replacing <text> with the text you desire. Finally, you can include your twitter handle in the tweet by replacing <account> with your twitter handle.
Including these social buttons will increase your social presence, and also boost your click rates in emails.  These can be great for newsletters because you have multiple opportunities to include them in your email.
I think it is important to know which social media platform your audience is most suited for, and really focus on that platform in your email marketing.  For instance, a software company such as us will be less likely to have an engaged audience on pinterest, but have a much more engaged audience on twitter.

Why Social Integration

You may be wondering why you need to start thinking about social engagement in your email marketing.  The short answer is because mobile is on the rise.  Year over year we are seeing more people opening email on their phone or tablet rather than desktop.  With this increase in instant email interaction as well as the rise of social media we need to start thinking about how to spread out our reach to accommodate the platform they are most apt to engage with.

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