Tuesday, September 2, 2014

7 Ways to Target the Right Facebook Fans

7 Ways to Target the Right Facebook Fans
There has been a lot of argument about Facebook's new announcement. According to this announcement the like-gate to Fan pages will be abolished. Instead of discussing this matter, I prefer to create a presentation in ways that you can bring the desired fans to your page, especially if you run a small business.
The main objective of all Facebook pages is to create fans’ engagement in order to begin their own discussions about the page. These discussions will increase not only the virality of the page, but also the number of its fans. In order to achieve this, the company must have the appropriate fans or explore ways to acquire them. By saying appropriate fans, I mean fans that are really interested in your product.
Reach influencers
Searching carefully, you can find influencers that are experts in your industry or interested in your product. Get in contact with them and motivate them to talk about you. Building a strong relationship with influencers can become extremely useful for three reasons. One, they are potential customers themselves. Two, they can talk about you. Three, and above all, influencers have the power to affect their audience in a way that will lead them to become your clients (or Facebook fans).
Create hashtags for your business
Hashtags were first introduced on Twitter. Now, hashtags are all over Facebook and Instagram too. So start using local hashtags and include them in your status updates.
Turn your customers into fans
Are you looking for fans who love your business? Guess what! You already found them! They are your customers. Give them ways to like your fan page when they are still in the store. It's the fans that will spend time on your page. Try to capture their attention and post things of their interest. In this way, you will earn their like, share and comment or even a post on your timeline. Therefore, one of the easiest ways to turn customers into fans right in your store is by using a social Wi-Fi hot spot. Basically, it is a service that provides internet connection to those in the store just by liking your page.
Encourage users to check in
One of the main advantages of Facebook is that when users write a status update about your business, all their friends can view it. These friends can respond to the update by making a comment or checking out the place on the internet or even better by coming to your place (meaning your company). In addition, motivate users to check-in to your business. Give them a reward to do so, an incentive. This way the users themselves are going to create your Facebook content.
Τag local businesses
Tag companies that you work with or companies that may visit your business or even your suppliers. Thank them for supporting and offering fine services. Most of them will appreciate it and most importantly they will reciprocate.
Create targeted advertising
If you want to bring qualitative fans to your page, use Facebook Ads. Creating ads for a general audience is not enough and it will not reach the desired goal. Use wisely the Facebook tools in order to target the audience of your interest. Target your fans and their friends, so to bring new fans to your page and additionally better results.
Create phygital activations
Create activations that will combine physical and Digital. Think of an activation that will become viral through the people visiting to your store/business. If the incoming people like the activation, they will post photos on their social media profiles (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram etc.) and they will also invite their friends to experience the activation themselves. At the end of your marketing activity, make a video of the activation and share it everywhere. The purpose of this video is to become viral and make a buzz. The success of such an action will not only attract fans to your page, who will talk about your activation, but also bring new clients to your store/business. Examples of phygital activations are the ‘Lanes Vending Machine’ and the ‘Lipton Ice Tea cool down station’.

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