Wednesday, September 3, 2014

3 Quick Facebook Ad Tips You Can Implement Now

3 Quick Facebook Ad Tips You Can Implement Now
Facebook ads aren’t an exact science, and running successful campaigns is a continuous learning process. Today I’m sharing 3 Facebook ad tips that I’ve learned firsthand. The best part? They’re super quick and easy to implement!

Keep ad images crisp.

Did you know that Facebook doesn’t maintain the integrity of many ad images that are uploaded? Typically, ad images are compressed, so there can be a noticeable difference between the image you upload and the image your audience sees depending on the file type and size.
Quick tip: Have your designer save your ad image files as PNGs and keep them under 100kb in size to avoid compression.

Optimize the structure of your copy for engagement.

Facebook is really noisy. You only get a few seconds to entice someone to stop and read your message. You get even less time to convince them to keep reading, so every character counts. You have to give your ad copy some tough love and write and rewrite it until it’s as concise and well-prioritized as possible. However, in your efforts to be succinct, make sure your brand’s personality doesn’t get lost!
Quick tip:  Structure your copy like this:
Start with a short sentence that speaks directly to your target & helps them self-identify with your product/service. Next, write two to three short sentences that explain the offer/promotion/product/service as concisely as possible. If you have a link to include, make sure to include it in this section. Have more to say? Add a space between this paragraph and the next.
This is where you can round out any non-mission-critical details in a couple of short sentences. Nobody wants to read a huge block of text, so shift the extra info down here.

Tweak your copy based on ad placement.

You can choose from various ad placements: desktop news feeds, mobile news feeds, and right column. Facebook’s algorithm decides how often they’re shown on each, so it’s good to let your ads cycle for a few days, then check in on them.  You’ll want to see which placements have the highest engagement and optimize your copy for that particular space.
Quick tip: In Ads Manager click “View Report” within an ad campaign to look where your ad has been cycled the most. The ad editing tool can show you previews of your ad on each placement so you can tweak copy based on the character limit for each. For example, a desktop newsfeed ad will display an entire paragraph, whereas a right column ad will only preview the first 90 characters.
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