Saturday, August 16, 2014

Bing Ads "Top Movers" Report Gives the "Why" Behind Campaign Changes

Bing Ads has expanded its reporting features for added visibility into an account's performance. In an announcement, Bing Ads says its "top movers" report would give a snapshot of significant changes to advertisers' accounts and possible reasons behind the fluctuations.
From the announcement:
A "top movers" list [includes] up to 10 campaigns and/or ad groups that have experienced the largest performance change — by size, not percent — during two specified time [frames]. With this list, you can quickly identify which campaigns have contributed most to your account’s performance variation, from both a positive and negative perspective.
The new reporting goes beyond just showing changes and attempts to predict why they are happening.
"Whereas other search providers only offer possible causes based on changes made within your account, [the] Bing Ads Top Movers report takes three types of changes into consideration," the announcement says.
Those three areas include the account, search traffic, and competitor data. 
Another differentiator of this new feature is the "opportunities" tab, which allows advertisers to "explore keyword, bid, budget, and other factors that can drive an increase in clicks/spend" for those campaigns or ad groups that have experienced the most negative change, the announcement says.
A comparison feature allows advertisers to view performance over a time period to view clicks and spend "week over week, two weeks over two weeks, or even four weeks over four weeks," says the announcement.
"Even when overall account performance appears stable, the Top Movers report helps you highlight big moves that may be easily overlooked. It can also be used to regularly track account performance on a weekly or monthly basis," says Bing.
The Bing Ads team also cited a plan to soon expand reports to support metrics like conversions.

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