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How to Create Content That Gets Shared on Twitter

How to Create Content That Gets Shared on Twitter
Do you still remember the very first day when you created your Twitter account?  What was in your mind?  A purpose, more likely!
The reasons behind each and every social media account vary.  This holds true even for each Twitter account created per day or even per minute.  Reasons may vary from simple reasons such as personal or to connect with friends to more complicated reasons such as business or corporate, political, even those that call for debate, justice, or immediate actions from concerned institutions or people.
TRIVIA: As of January 2014, Twitter has 645,750,000 active users, 135000 daily signups, and sees 58 million average numbers of tweets per day which translates to 9100 tweets per second.
Every purpose should be coupled with appropriate efforts to effectively convey the overall purpose of the account.  Timing, uniqueness, and the ability to reach out to the masses are the top three characteristics of many media used for social media sharing.  But which concept, idea, or medium are the most timely, unique, and effective? 
Here are the top creative content that gets shared the most in Twitter:
Text With Images
Nothing beats the power of visual images and mind-boggling texts.  In fact, these two - image and text - have this synergistic effect that make them so effective.  The image transforms your texts into a more visually appealing concept.  Although there are images that no longer need rewording, adding some texts, on the other hand, emphasizes and clarifies the meaning of your image.
How to do this? You can either integrate a text tweet with an image or create image-based texts. Either of the two can mean more re-tweets.
Text Tweets
Forget about images.  Take away the videos.  Focus on the text tweets.  Most updates, tweets, and statuses that we see online are text-based. 
Now let's add more sauce to our plain texts.  
Sauce #1: Add some links
Link your tweets to your blog or web site.   You may also link it to your favourite article or news online.  These linked text tweets can bring more traffic.  Statistics even tell that linked tweets get retweeted 86% times more plus 17% more engagement.  Need I say more?
Sauce #2: Hashtags
Hashtags were created to help us track which topic is trending locally and worldwide.   Since tweets are limited to only a certain number of characters, hashtags can paraphrase complex ideas into simple thoughts.  Simply put, hashtags allow every Twitter user to search or find what is being talked about most in the world of Twitter.
Sauce #3: Shortened How-to’s
Tweets that explain how to simply do complicated things are two thumbs up!  Procedures that involve home-based tasks, computer-related, even your assignment in a specific subject, business-related, and more can mean more followers and re-tweets for you.   Sharing tips and ideas via Twitter can also generate increased traffic for your site provided that the shared tips and ideas are related or directly associated with your web site.
Sauce #4: Lists
Staggered lists of never-heard-before news can also attract the attention of any Twitter users.  You might want to try something that is just in time for summer like list of summer must-haves.  Then you might want to level up by sharing some “top” ideas like top ten most expensive bridal gifts or top five suitors to avoid, or top most favourite lunches for kids.  Proceed with the lists to fulfil the purpose of your account such as top reasons why your followers should join your program, companies (within your niche) to avoid, benefits that your customers can receive when they buy your products. 
Branding, marketing, advertising and other promotional strategies can be seamlessly done through tweets that share some lists of ideas about your business or site.  If you are to share a lot, then you might as well blog about your news first then use sauce #1.
Sauce #5: Questions
Stir the minds of your followers.  You might want to solicit a debate among other users.  Collect more replies and re-tweets, even direct messages, with questions. 
Questions simply start a conversation or involvement.  Ask only sensible questions.  Stupid questions only solicit equally stupid answers. 
What sort of questions is suitable?  This actually depends on your purpose.  If you want to advertise or promote, then ask your followers about their preferences on whichever category your product belongs.  For those who want to solicit opinions from others can simply post a straightforward question.  
Effective and Meaningful Images
The next content that is also easier to create than our last item are images.  We're talking about images which get up to 128% more retweets than videos.
So what types of images are usually shared in Twitter?  Those that are simple yet meaningful such as empathetic quotes will do.  Creative and informative images are also shared often.  Then there are those that are really attractive, easily capture every Twitter user, and absolutely effective - funny or humurous images. 
Whether you want more re-tweets or favors or even likes, images are the right content for you.
Repurposed videos
Videos are the last in our list not only because they are the most difficult to create but also they are the least shared content in Twitter.  Just like memes, most Twitter users don't like videos.  They're like dead ends in every Twitter activity. 
So what makes videos the least shared content in Twitter?  First of all, they can take some time off of your followers, that is, if they will opt to watch your posted video.  Unless your video is really good, attractive, and worth everyone's time, you will have higher chances of losing those followers than having increased chances of getting your videos favored. 
So which videos are the “good ones”?  Instructional videos are highly recommended.  These are followed by controversial videos.  Then there are also popular videos that feature behind-the-scenes, never-before-seen, and supposed-to-be-secret videos of popular people, amazing things, extraordinary talent, awesome situations, fabulous events, new discoveries, and the likes.
Therefore, videos are like "traffic lights" in your account.  The good ones can mean "GO" while the trash ones can mean "STOP". 

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