Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Bing Adds New Twitter-Based Search Features

twitter icon 9a
As part of Bing’s partnership with Twitter, it is adding some new search features in order to help searchers more easily find relevant information on the social media platform.
The search works like an algorithm, using a variety of signals including retweets, freshness, verified status, and tweet quality, in order to display relevant tweets in the search results. This is a lot more intuitive than Twitter’s own search, where everything is time-based, although there is the option to search for "top" or "all" tweets, as well as display the search results based on only those you follow and those near you.
In Bing, when you search for a hashtag, it will display relevant tweets right in the search results with a small Twitter icon next to them. The results will show the tweet, who tweeted it, and how long ago it was tweeted, along with any relevant media included in the tweet, such as a link to a video with a small accompanying image.
You can also now search for people via their Twitter handle - do a search for @name and it will bring up relevant Twitter accounts. It does appear that the Twitter accounts must be either verified or have a high number of followers in order to be displayed in the drop-down when the user is searching for a username with the @.
When searching for a handle, Bing will also display whether the user is verified or not, which can help those who are trying to find a well-known person’s Twitter account, especially for those that have multiple fan Twitter accounts or parody accounts.
Bing is also now including popular content tweeted about a particular person in its search results, showing the content that is most-shared under a "Tweeted About" section in the results.


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