Wednesday, July 23, 2014

5 Best Facebook Marketing Strategies

The first plan: Use e-mail marketing
If you were able to capture users emails with registration forms, email contacts, or special offers, then you are at an advanced stage from any of your competitors. This is something most of the social media managers forget. You can use the power of emails to communicate with the users and provide them with newsletters that are fun and hold the most important events. Make sure you send them the best posts that match the interest of your fans. This plan needs you to expand your knowledge in e-mail marketing by reading more. You will be able to drive more fans with the excellent newsletter to your Facebook page.
The second plan: Use 20%/80% rule intelligently
Your fans are from all over the world. Therefore, their names, ages, nationalities, and e-mails are different. Not only that, but also their behavior,  lifestyle and interests. How will you satisfy everyone? More importantly, whom are you trying to satisfy? You are wrong if you ever thought that it is not important to identify who is the S class fans. One of the biggest mistakes made by startups is NOT knowing their top users, but trying to satisfy everyone. Here is hint; this will not happen. Concentrate instead on driving sales and profit within your marketing strategies. Understand who are 20% of the fans that let you gain 80% of the profits. Learn more about them what their interests are, lifestyles, and how they spend their time online. You should know what they love and what they want to interact with and be part of it. For an example, recently  the World Cup was held. Are they interested in football? Perhaps a special design featuring the world cup using Facebook Tabs would be great for them. Maybe they prefer to create their own content and send it to you. What does this 20% want from you? You should know that. You can use FanPageKarma website to know the top engaging fans with your Facebook page.
The third plan: Change the type of content
Everything related to content reach has changed. Now videos and status updates are the most reachable content to fans. Since January 2014, the number of minute-consumption for videos on Facebook has spiked to nearly 120 million hours per month compared to 63 million hours in December 2013. You should save some money and create a professional video about the company or start making your own video content. There are 4 things that affect the organic reach of any content and one of it is the extent of interaction of a person with the type of content over time. This means that if Facebook users are interacting more with videos, then your videos have higher chance of appearing at their timelines. Remember also that diversification in content between the video, text, and image is required and necessary.
The fourth plan: Be more transparent
As a startup people expect a lot from you and they will support. Never lose faith in the power of people because they can really shift your business. I know you are keen on pleasing your fans to make them trust and love your brand more. However, I want you to do more. If the experience they get from your service is good, make it great or up to outstanding!. I read a quote which summarizes the long story “be social not do social”. Start creating relationships with clients remembering their names, what they liked, events they highlighted on your page, and the smallest things they were not expecting you to remember. Make your policy more transparent and open. Buffer took “be transparent” strategy to a whole new level by announcing the payroll system and employees’ salaries. They pointed that this is the level of transparency they want with their clients. I am not asking you to do the same, it is not creative anymore. However, I am asking you to make each and every client's experience a positive one.
The fifth plan: Use the power of events
Another backbone technique to reach more audience is wasted by Facebook managers although it is very easy to create an event using your page. With this you can reach not only those who liked your page, but also Facebook users who joined the event. The power of events that you do not need to spam all your Facebook page fans with posts about this event or worry about the Edgerank score. Every time you post something on the event, only the users who clicked “join” will receive the post. Not only that, but they will also receive a notification about the post. This step can help you to reach and communicate with audience in a quick and effective way. Create events with value to users like games, special features, or VIP interviews. Focus on success and start using this powerful plan.  

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