Friday, June 13, 2014

What's the Hub of Your Online Presence?

With all of the talk about social media, it’s important not to ignore the key role a website plays in building your business.

Social media, done well, can help send more traffic to your website. And that’s the point ... to get visitors to your website. But, will what they see and experience when they arrive at your site support or undermine your business?

Social Media Needs to be Part of an Overall Strategy, Not the Hub

Social media needs to be part of an overall sales and marketing strategy that includes your website, not something that is isolated from everything else you do to promote your business. It isn’t a one hit wonder that will magically drive people to your business. It requires an investment of time and energy, planning and thought, strategic activities and follow-up.
And the result of your hard work, assuming you’re delivering on what you are selling to begin with, can help build brand name recognition and a solid reputation for your business, and send traffic to your website!
But, if you look great on social media sites like Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and/or LinkedIn but have neglected your website, your business will suffer for it!
Your website, not social media, should be the hub of your online presence. It's the only network you actually control!

The Hub of Your Business Online

Most people today go online to find, or to find out about, a business and their products and/or services. This may be because they've seen your name somewhere; because a friend or family member mentioned your name; or because your business appeared in a search result. And, what they find will determine whether or not they stay on your website and dig deeper, or whether they leave (bounce off) right away.
If they discover you on a social network, chances are, if they’re thinking of doing business with you, the next step for them will be your website, to find out a bit more about you. And, with so many people using their smart phones to check things out online, they may decide to do this on their mobile device.
Thus the importance of having a website that looks good on devices of all sizes, and why 'responsive' websites have become a 'must have'.
The impression visitors have, conscious or not, when they arrive on your website will make a big difference in their decision to call you and give you a chance to earn their business, or not. It is much more than having just an attractive website, although this is good. But, if you hope to have visitors return again from time to time, make it a place they'll think of as a helpful resource and not simply a place they'll drop by once, but never again.

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