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Six Social Media Marketing Trends That Will Stay On

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The recent optimal use of social media was noticed in Ukraine by its Right Sector that created an app of its own — currently available only at Google Play market for Android devices — for its fans on Twitter and Facebook. The app has two significant features, newsfeed and function for donation, with privacy as key element. The app allows the Right Sector to organize its tactics of warfare, share any kind of information and get its way.

With the advent of social media, marketing is transforming to a much larger and influential form of product promotion and customer satisfaction than ever. It even suggests reasons for the gradual shift in marketing from being product centric to consumer centric.

Social media is a fast growing, candid stage set for humans to inspire movements and bring about changes. For its strong competitive edge, social marketers look up for popular trends on social media to leverage the mediums strengths and their use in online marketing. Over a time period, some of these trends grow, alter and evolve for the better.

It is remarkable to note that there are a few trends on almost all social channels that have always tried to keep the social buzz high and spirited. The article here deals with some of these popular and persistent social media trends. Lets take a quick overview of them.

Content Is The Most Robust Part

Content happens to be the most robust yet finest part of social media and it will remain so always. Good quality content has flair to add edge to business prospects and therefore proves fruitful for all types of online businesses. Thats the reason why SEO experts ask you to focus on creating fresh and relevant content to enhance your social media presence and be ahead of your competitors.

Social Listening Will Be Influential

Social listening is deeply entwined with the digital world. Social listening can be described as a simple approach to learn about what is being said about your brand across social media channels. It offers many benefits to marketers to make their strategies fully effective. Most brands employ social listening to listen up their customers real time conversations and devise or revise their marketing strategies accordingly. The trend has only increased with the time, as revealed in a study, that 60% of marketers used social listening strategies in 2013.

Google+ Is The Ultimate Social Boost

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No one can deny Facebooks widespread position in the social sphere but it would be Google+ that is going to rule the search rankings and Google Authorship. Google Plus is already proving a rewarding channel for established writers and new bloggers in terms of achieving an effective and prompt performance on SERPs.
Google+ gives an exclusive experience in terms of both social networking and search engine optimization. Google makes all efforts to highlight the search engines social channel that can make it stand apart from others. Besides, features like Google Places and Google Maps are integrated for its much social boost. Most marketers predict that Google+ will always be considered as an essential place for social marketing.

Visual Social Media Is A Better World

The visual social media world tells how and why images have been so integral to human beings. The human brain finds image-rich content more appealing than content without images. It is pretty clear how Pinterest has made big leaps with its picture-perfect premise and reached new heights in just a few years. Content with interesting images gets 94% more views than plain content. Google has observed that 37% of people are more likely to click on a link having images.
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Paid Social Advertising

The rise of paid social ads can be already felt among online advertisers. 66% of advertisers opt for paid social ads for online promotion. This is because the paid social ads are quite popular among users on social networks, be it Facebook, LinkedIn, MySpace and others. Looking at such trends, many marketers have begun to realize the importance of paid social advertising and therefore increased their budget for it.

Marketers realize that paid social ads are an inexpensive way to reach out to competent visitors. If appropriately done, social ads bring you great advantage in terms of revenue for your business. Facebook ads are a great attraction for the Facebook users who like, comment and share them in their networks. This results in definite user engagement and achieves promotional goals with increased sales.

Everyone Talks About Smartphone

The greatest of all is the Smartphone trend. Smartphones have changed the way users think. Interacting with people is much easier than it used to be with the growing use of smartphones. Most top brands and marketers focus on targeting their key customers on mobile devices by preparing mobile friendly content. The trend is sure to spread more with time.

Summing Up

Social media is a big stage set for all kinds of users in the online world. Today, 93% of marketers are using social media as a means to promote their business. This reveals that the social media marketing trend has grown very fast and big. It is no more considered a laid-back world where people came looking for their friends and interacted with them. Marketers and brands have realized that social media has adequate space for businesses to flourish and promote their products. While marketers are leveraging the power of social media, there are a few social media trends that are going to stay for a long time. Focusing largely on these popular trends can help you in targeting your audience precisely and gain umpteen benefits.

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