Thursday, May 22, 2014

Mirco Location – Bringing Digital In-Store

It is a given that retailers are always on the hunt for new and different ways to reach consumers while shopping in their stores. From in-store banners, wobblers and floor mats to on-site coupons, store radio and sampling. But now companies are getting the opportunity to target consumers with brand messages, product information and offers in a way they trust and rely on most – their mobile phones.
Micro location technology allows consumers to walk into retailers and access information about products via their mobile devices. Information at their fingertips can range from product specs, videos, promotions and reviews to the ability to filter data based on personal preferences. How does this work? Imagine if a consumer is considering two nearly identical products with similar in-store messaging. Which product do you think they are more likely to buy if one has all of this additional information – and a coupon –available at the point of consideration and purchase?

And the use of micro location technology is only predicted to increase. Apple has already released the software iBeacon, an in-store transmitter that lets stores and brands deliver targeted messages to the devices of those who walk through its doors via Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) beacons.
While people will still need to give brands permission to receive this type of content, in a recent study, most consumers have said they would be fine sharing location information in exchange for something valuable like a coupon.
This study, released by mobile marketing company Swirl and independent marketing research firm ResearchNow, also found the following key stats:
  • 65% of consumers trust retail brands over shopping apps and social platforms when it comes to location data
  • 67% received shopping related alerts on their smartphones in the past six months
  • Of those individuals, 79% made a purchase
  • 80% said they would use retailer apps more often while shopping in a store if those apps delivered sales and promotion alerts
  • 62% said they would increase their use of retailer mobile apps in store if the apps provided content that was more relevant to their interest and location
This doesn’t mean that great advertising and packaging will be useless. But brands need to think about delivering valuable content in a way and at a time that is most meaningful for the consumer. And to do that, it means brands will also need to start rethinking their digital strategy, messaging and content creation.

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