Thursday, May 29, 2014

Manage Social Media Across Platforms With Spredfast Engage

Do you use more than one social media tool? It's a bit like asking "do you use more than one internet-connected device?" Of course you do: no single tool or internet-connected device does everything you want, right? The team at Spredfast recognize that businesses use multiple applications and have developed a neat way to allow their customers to use Spredfast across these multiple applications. Here's a look at the Spredfast Engage Button, which has launched today.
The Complexity of Using Multiple Tools and Platforms
If you manage social media in an organization you will know how quickly it can become chaotic. Tools like Spredfast help by putting in place rules, processes, approvals, audit trails and reporting. Such tools are great for creating a more coherent approach to social media management, but often that doesn’t go far enough.
Businesses typically use many tools to help them in their marketing in areas such as content curation, social listening, influencer marketing and social analytics. Often a user may find content that they want to share from within another tool or application. The quick way is to share it directly, but that means the sharing is done outside the processes, audit and reporting set up in Spredfast. In order to stay within the process, it is necessary for the user to move back to Spredfast to find and share the content, which is inconvenient and can be time consuming in a fast moving social media world.
Enter the Spredfast Engage Button
Spredfast have developed an Engage Button that can reside within any application and allow a user to share content directly from within the application. However, any content shared using the Engage Button will be effectively shared from within Spredfast and be subject to the same workflow and approval processes, the same audit trails, tagging processes and the same performance reporting. The aim of the Engage Button is to deliver convenience whilst maintaining the controls present within Spredfast. Rod Favaron, CEO of Spredfast commented "Brands are having to adapt to the acceleration of consumer engagement in the social age.  Our customers don’t want to have to sacrifice brand control for speed and with the Engage Button, we are helping them to meet that need with our open platform. Our thesis of engagement continues to be realized as we offer this latest solution for our enterprise customers.”

The Spredfast Engage Button is being launched with five partners today: Brandwatch, Crimson Hexagon, Synthesio, Sysomos, and Visible Technologies. This partner program will be extended over time along with the Spredfast partner program.
The new feature has already been well received by beta users. Monica Womack Peterson, Director of Social Media for Toyota commented: "Social media gives us a compelling way to engage with and inspire our customers every day… However, as marketers we are challenged with ensuring that each conversation is timely and authentic. The Spredfast Engage Button allows our team to interact with our social community in a prompt and brand-appropriate manner, regardless of the social platform that they are logged into."