Friday, April 18, 2014

It’s the year of mobile but not the mobile ad

How often use a smartphone
A mobile device used to be a luxury, an item that only the geeky few would own let alone use on a daily basis. But now you’re the odd man out if you don’t have a mobile phone in your pocket. Check out these stats from Forrester Research:

  • More than 2 billion smartphones installed worldwide
  • They’re in the hands of 31.3% of the world’s population
  • Massive usage in three countries: More than 64% in the UK, 64% in the US, and 66% in Hong Kong.
  • Three-quarters use their smartphone to access the internet at least once a day.
This is great news for marketers, right? Well, it would be if we weren’t going backward through the history of online marketing.
Think about the last advertisement you saw on your phone? I’ll bet it was a banner ad. Even if it wasn’t, that’s the ad that stuck in your mind because they’re annoying on mobile. Without even realizing it, you might have seen an ad for a movie or TV show or a new beauty product. You might not remember the ad because it blended so seamlessly with the content it didn’t stick out in your mind.
So. . . memorable is bad and blending in is good. This is a topsy turvy world we’re living in but it’s true. We have to find ways of getting our message across without annoying the masses.

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