Wednesday, April 2, 2014

5 Free Apps to Simplify Your Digital Life in 2014

Simplify with Apps

Being productive has been made so much simpler thanks to amazing advances in technology. At an arm's-length, we have some great time-saving apps and tools to use while on the go; however, we are still finding it hard to actually find the time to use these apps.
Like most people in the social media world, my phone goes everywhere with me and I don’t even turn it off at night. Living in the digital era, we need to find a few apps that are easy to use and help productivity. Here are 5 free apps to simplify your digital life.
1. Hootlet
Pretty much from day one, I have been a huge fan and advocate of social media scheduling dashboard; Hootsuite. I use social media for no more than 20 minutes a day, thanks to Hootsuite and their google chrome extension Hootlet. If you find a blog or interesting article that you want to share across all of your social media platforms, just clicking on the Hootlet extension icon on your browser will allow you to do this very easily.
2. Vizify
I sometimes find it frustrating when I am looking at a business or professional profile on social media as I usually have to look at not only LinkedIn but Facebook and Twitter too. Vizify is a great site builder which allows you to consolidate all of your networks into one professional looking site free of charge. All you have to do is link your existing social networks and data will be pulled automatically.
You may have to spend some time on the layout to make sure it looks right but the end show is very impressive.
Evernote Web Clipper has saved me on various occasions. The web holds so much great content that sometimes, you forget to bookmark a website or save it. Evernote Web Clipper is a browser extension which lets you “snip” sites you encounter online and store them in Evernotes Cloud server. You can select just a small piece of text, an image or a whole page and even annotate it through highlighting, text and arrows. This can also be shared via email or through social networks.
Make sure you set up an Evernote account before installing their Web Clipper extension.
Since 2008,  LastPass has been offering users the ability to store your login credentials so that you don’t have to remember all of your different online passwords. With so many creative hackers out there, it is important that you make sure your passwords are as safe as possible.
The great thing about LastPass is that the way they store all our data is in a form that even the NSA can’t read. LastPass is free however for the mobile edition, prices start at $12 per year.
Calendars. We all use them however, they are very plain and boring. I use Google Calendar as my preferred application however the Sunrise app for iPhone brings everything into one. I not only see Facebook friends’ birthdays, I see Foursquare check-ins and much, much more.
Sunrise allows you to respond and send event invites from inside the app itself and has a great weather feature in the form of a little icon next to your events so you know when to bring out the dreaded umbrella.

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