Tuesday, April 8, 2014

5 Facebook Page Tools to Improve Your Page Management

#1: Create a Monitoring System

Hyperalerts is a versatile tool you’re going to love. It notifies you via email about items you choose such incoming Facebook comments or messages, published posts and more.
You could rely on Facebook’s messages and the activity log, but they aren’t always reliable and you can miss things. With Hyperalerts, you don’t have to worry about missing anything.
hyperalerts notification of facebook message
Hyperalerts notifies you when you get a new Facebook page message.
Hyperalerts’ customization options let you create a system that works on your terms.
You can customize your alerts based on type of post (updates, comments or messages), who’s posting (fans, admins or anyone) and how often you want to be notified.
For example, if you want a synopsis of all posts that page admins published for the week, you can set up an alert and get a digest emailed to you every week.
hyperalerts notification frequency menu
You can set up alerts to notify you at different periods of time.
Depending on how involved you are with your page, you can get updates as immediate as real time or as infrequently as monthly.
hyperalerts notification frequency set to daily
Customize your Hyperalerts notifications to fit your needs.
While it’s great to get alerts based on what you need when you need it, where Hyperalerts really shines is in its ability to monitor competitors’ Facebook pages.
Facebook’s Pages to Watch feature feeds you information about how competing Facebook pages’ fan numbers are doing (increasing or decreasing). But the number of fans isn’t indicative of the competing page’s engagement, and that’s what you’re really interested in, right?
hyperalerts competitor monitoring
Keep on eye on the competition with Hyperalerts.
Hyperalerts identifies the type of content other pages are sharing and what their fans are saying, then sends you an email with specific posts and comments from their fans. Now you can monitor your competition right from your inbox!

#2: Add Functionality

Facebook page tabs are customizable and add functionality to your page. You can use custom tabs for product giveaways, webinar registrations, email signups and so much more.
In fact, you can leverage Facebook page tabs to share content from your other social profiles as well. You can display your latest tweets, share your favorite Pinterest boards or create a video wall to display videos from your YouTube or Vimeo channel.
facebook custom tabs
Facebook page tabs provide extra functionality.
When fans click on a tab, they’re taken to a page related to that tab. For example, if the tab says “Giveaway” and the fan clicks on it, he or she is taken to an entry form.
The issue for some companies is that they don’t have the expertise to create the tab photo or related page.
Third-party services like ShortStack provide an easy solution to that problem. ShortStack offers hundreds of easy-to-use templates, or you can build your own if you want. Both options are customizable.
Facebook tabs aren’t available on mobile devices. If you’re hosting a giveaway via a tab, that’s clearly an issue because most Facebook users access the site on a mobile app.
shortstack post in facebook timeline
Share your ShortStack-created Facebook tab in a status update to reach mobile users.
Luckily, ShortStack lets you create versions of tabs that are mobile-friendly. You just have to share the permalink of the tab in a regular status update to give fans access.

#3: Find Trending Hashtags

Tagboard is a free tool that lets you do cross-platform hashtag searches. You can search Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Google+ and Vine to see which hashtags are trending, which overlap and which match your social marketing plan.
If you’re creating a comprehensive cross-platform marketing campaign, Tagboard is the easiest way to find influencers you want to connect with and hot topics you can cover. Without Tagboard, you could spend hours searching each network (especially Facebook) to find that information.
posts on tagboard
Tagboard is an efficient way to keep tabs on trending topics.
Even if you’re only creating a campaign for Facebook, Tagboard is much more efficient than Facebook’s Open Graph search. In the example above, I used Tagboard to search for public posts using the hashtag #FacebookTips.
Tagboard neatly arranged each result so I could easily see other Facebook marketers who were using that hashtag and decide whether I should use it in my own posts.

#4: Create Engaging Images

Visual content is a huge factor in success on any platform. But if you don’t have an in-house graphic designer or access to Adobe Photoshop, don’t despair. Even if you aren’t a designer, Canva is a free online alternative that helps you create engaging images in no time.
Canva has a number of templates that match just about every need you’ll have: Facebook cover photos, images to share on your Facebook page or images for your website or blog articles.
canva image templates
Canva offers many templates to help you create images in a snap!
Customization is a breeze because you can upload your images or logos, or if you need stock photos you can purchase them for a dollar or two.
Canva is an easy-to-use time-saver, and it’s a powerful tool when you need a quick image for your status updates.

#5: Use a Good Content Curation Tool

You can’t be everywhere at once and you can’t spend all of your time creating new content. If you’re a Facebook page admin, you know the importance of a good content curation tool.
One of my favorites is Swayy. It analyzes the material (and its sources) you share on Facebook, and then recommends content based on related keywords.
If you like something Swayy suggests, you can share it on your connected social accounts (including Facebook) or schedule it to publish later.
post scheduling on swayy
Sharing content from Swayy on Facebook and Twitter is efficient and easy.
Swayy doesn’t just suggest content; it suggests relevant hashtags too. Combine Swayy and Tagboard to assess hashtags you’re considering using so you canensure you’re maximizing your content’s reach and engagement.