Tuesday, March 25, 2014

How Combining SEO & Usability Solves 4 Common On-Site Problems

One of the most trying points in my search marketing career has been molding a mindset coupling both SEO and the user experience. This primarily means stepping away from “bot obsession” and solely thinking about rankings and traffic.
Every campaign must meet site objectives while hopefully maintaining heightened organic visibility. SEO is evolving more to focus on satisfying the end user.
However, there are many times where I still want to make SEO, bot-focused revisions to a site that may impede upon site usability and the user experience. So this begs the question: which should win?

SEO, Meet Usability

While it may seem difficult to meld both SEO on-page implementation while also providing the best user experience, those who can do this well will be the more successful search tacticians.
What I have compiled below are what I seem to encounter the most day-to-day in the ongoing relationship between usability and SEO with my clients.
We need more content above the fold but if we do add a few paragraphs it will push our product listings below the page fold. This is a logical worry. We can appease the engines with above-fold content but what if it is at the cost of losing product listing visibility?
Use tabs or an expanding div. With this, you will be able to show introductory page content with an option for an interested reader to read more while also having product listing visibility about the page fold.
If you're using an expanding solution that is visible text to search engines, then you should have no worries. Where folks go wrong is with the usage of frames. The framed text is invisible to bots.
About Text Read More
About Text Full Welcome
Instead of posting text content on page we have a lot we want to say it in a more entertaining manner. We want to use video.
Video? That’s great! If you choose to go the video route you need to take advantage of video SEO needs such as titling, video sitemap, video schema, and placement on video sharing networks.
Instead of descriptive video copy, provide an expandable area featuring a transcript of the video. With this you are again taking advantage of the fore-mentioned copy tactic above or if you wish you can just list it below the page fold. Now you have one message separated into two different content types.

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