Wednesday, March 12, 2014

3 Goals Every Facebook Manager Should Obsess Over

For too long, organizations were told that Facebook was only for "building awareness."
Today, we all recognize how silly it is to think that awareness alone could somehow have a real impact on our mission. Impact is the result of action, whether it’s supporters lending their voice or time to a campaign or making a donation to support your cause. 

“Engagement” is the term used to describe action online these days and the evolution from “awareness" to “engagement" is a very positive one indeed. But engagement is a two way street. Engaging people requires action on your part, too.
So, how do you manage your Facebook page with an eye toward engagement? How do you track progress and know if you’re getting the most out of Facebook? 
Here are three big bucket goals that you should be working to improve upon no matter if your page has 3,000 fans or 3 million fans:
1. Reach
2. Engagement
3. Capturing Data
To succeed on Facebook (and get real value from it), you need to reach a worthwhile number of the right people, engage with them in meaningful ways that deepen your relationship, and capture data so that you can continue to cultivate your relationship over time.

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