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Twitter Promotion: How to Encourage Others to Promote for You

#1: Include a Customized Tweet Button on Every Single Page of Your Product

When you have several pages on your product, service or event site, it’s important tohave the same tweet on every single page.
The first thing you need to do is create a custom Twitter share button. The button options available are Share a Link, Follow, Hashtag and Mention. You want to choose the Share a Link button.
The next step is to click on the option to include a different URL, rather than the Use the Page URL option. In this particular case, you’ll use the home page of your product, service or event. So when someone clicks on that tweet button to share on Twitter, they’ll be directed back to one central place, which is your home page.
share url
Create a custom Twitter share button.
The next option is Tweet Text. This is where you can write in your own custom tweet. Also make sure you check the Show Count option, because it will display the total number of tweets.
You’ll hear why it’s important to show the number of tweets on your sales page, and the advantages to the Via and Recommend Twitter ID options.
The last step is to add a hashtag. When you visit our event page for Social Media Marketing World, you’ll notice that once you click on the tweet button, not only does it have our customized tweet, but it also includes the URL for the home page and the hashtag for the event.
tweet smmw home page
Always include the hashtag in the customized tweet.
Once you have created your custom tweet, it’ll give you a little piece of code that you can put in a sidebar widget if you’re on WordPress, or embed the HTML where you want it. The good news is that it works over and over again.
Here are a few tips on how to craft your tweet:
  • Write the tweet as if the user was writing it him- or herself.
  • Make sure it’s not overly promotional.
  • Craft it in a way that it’s easy to read.
  • Include a hashtag.
Listen to the show to discover the types of phrases you should use in your custom tweet.

#2: Embed a Twitter Widget on Every Page That You Use to Promote

When you visit the event page for Social Media Marketing World, you’ll see the widget below. On the event page it’s live.
You can see the hashtag at the top, and underneath are the tweets relating to the event. The reason that they’re all in one place is because of the hashtag.
twitter smmw widget
Embed the same Twitter widget on each of your promotional pages.
As you scroll through the tweets, you’ll see the people who have clicked on the custom tweet, plus those who are talking about the event in general.
You’ll hear why the value proposition in something like this on your sales page is huge, and the reason why I decided to have it on every single page at Social Media Examiner.
To create a Twitter widget, you first need to log into Twitter and then visit here. Next, click on Create New and then Search. You will see that it asks for Search Query. This is where you want to add the hashtag.
search widget
A Twitter widget is a great way for people to share their excitement about your promotion.
I would advise you to check the box that says Only Show Top Tweets. This is really important. Otherwise you’ll see every single retweet. Another box you should definitely check is the Safe Search Mode. This excludes all the profanity and sensitive content.
The next step is to choose the Height and the Theme. You’ll find out what height I chose for our widget, and why I selected Opt Out of Tailoring.
Now you have a piece of code that you can embed into a widget in WordPress or into your blog.
Listen to the show to discover why combining #1 and #2 is extremely powerful.

#3: Create a Transactional Tweet

Once you have the Twitter widget in place, the next step I want to show you is what I call the transactional tweet.
The objective of this type of tweet is to get someone who has just purchased, registered or signed up to share their excitement about the transaction.
In our particular case, once attendees have purchased a ticket, they are sent to a special page where there is a section in bold that says, “Tweet your excitement!”
thank you page smmw
Offer attendees an opportunity to share their excitement about purchasing a ticket for your event.
Once they click on this link, a tweet pops up in Twitter that says the person is attending Social Media Marketing World. The rest of it is very similar to the customized tweet.
People are so excited when they make a purchase decision. Every single day, a ton of people are tweeting out that they are attending our event. It creates an enormous amount of buzz.
Here are a few tips on how to create a transactional tweet:
  • Use a service like ClicktoTweet and log in with Twitter.
  • Craft the tweet.
  • Include a link back to the main sales page.
  • Add the hashtag.
  • Check Click Stats if you want to track statistics.
  • Copy the URL and paste under your browser. It creates the tweet for you. You can also embed it in your code.
The end result is that you now have a transactional tweet. So when someone has made a purchase, he or she can click on the tweet and let everyone know. The magic happens because you’ve got the hashtag, which will show up inside of your Twitter widget.
Listen to the show to hear what type of wording you need to use in the transactional tweet.

#4: Create Shout-Out Tweets

I recently started to experiment with shout-out tweets. The objective is to get people to engage with other people using some of the techniques in this article.
One of the options you can offer to people who have purchased a ticket for an event is the ability to tweet their favorite presenters. The buzz and excitement that this creates are unbelievable.
This type of tweet is very easy to create. You go to ClicktoTweet to craft a tweet. For this to be a promotional tweet, it’s very important to put a word in front of the Twitter user ID such as “Hi” or “Hey.” This will then be seen publicly in that person’s Twitter feed. Also remember to include the hashtag.
presenter tweet
Make it a promotional tweet by adding a word in front of the Twitter user ID.
Once you have the simple URL, you can start to hot link it.
It’s another way to get promotion back to your sales page and aggregate all of those tweets into the Twitter widget.
Listen to the show to find out how it can be effective if you have a conference or event to promote.

#5: Pre-craft Tweets

If you only have time to do one of these steps, then this is the one you should focus on.
The objective with pre-crafted tweets is to get important people to share the content for you, and it’ll also make it easy for you to schedule on your own Twitter account. You need to provide everything so a person can just copy and paste into Twitter. This comes back to frictionless marketing.
You’ll hear how you can easily use this type of tweet for presenters to share on Twitter and why it’s a no-brainer for affiliates.
tweet updates for smmw
On our promo page, we have provided tweets for our affiliates.
The use of pre-crafted tweets gets you one step closer to people promoting for you.
I hope this has given you a lot of insight into how we promote our events at Social Media Examiner, and that you try these techniques for your product, service or event.
Listen to the show to hear another way you can use pre-crafted tweets so your customers can help spread the word.

Discovery of the Week

When you are involved in a Twitter chat, it’s important that it’s near enough to real time because of how intense these chats can become.
Recently discovered a new web-based app called It has a very simple interface.
First you type in your hashtag. You can sign in with Twitter if you want. This allows you to tweet from within the app and it will automatically add the hashtag to all of your tweets.
tchat io
You can tweet from within the app.
This means that all of the tweets are aggregated around that particular hashtag. One of the cool things that I like about the app is that it allows you to mute retweets.
This app is close to real time and as the tweets appear, you can click on the one in question, then hit reply, quote it, favorite it or retweet it. It has all the basic functionality you would expect of any good hashtag-based Twitter chat client.

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