Tuesday, February 11, 2014

The Rules on How to Speak Human

Here are 5 rules on how to speak human in business:
It’s the simplicity of our favorite
1. KISS – While kissing people may be an easy way to get people’s attention, the act of “Keep It Simple, Stupid” is sometimes the hardest. Enough said.

2. Acronym-less - I can’t tell you how many meetings I’ve been in where acronyms are used so often that my brain ends up spending so much time trying to decipher what they mean instead of focusing on the actual thoughts trying to be conveyed. Acronyms can have their place (see Rule #1 above), but not when they replace communicating information to someone else, who might not understand your word full of capital letters.
3. Swap places - In order to know what will resonate simply with your audience, put yourself in their shoes. What’s the context of their world? If you were them, what would you like to hear? The message has to resonate with them – not necessarily you – to be heard.
4. Gut vs. Fact -  People love facts, and statistics are great proof points when you’re selling. But in my experience, my gut is the only indicator to leading innovation. Your gut will tell you if something’s too risky. It will drive exhilaration when you throw caution to the wind. It will be the first to start a sentence with “Wouldn’t it be cool if…?!” And although I strongly encourage you to balance the two – your head and your heart – when in doubt, go with your gut. It’s never wrong.
5. G to the P - Whether you are reading this as a brand or a person, just get to the point. We’re all busy. We care about a lot of stuff. Just do less talking and more listening. This applies to messaging, content, conversations – and relationships. 
KEY TAKEAWAY: It’s the simplicity of our favorite communicators, brands and products that make us fall in love with them, because we get what they’re saying. It takes a lot of hard work to make something so complex look so easy. Some call it brilliance… but perhaps we should call it speaking human.

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