Thursday, February 13, 2014

Social Media Marketing Tips to Boost Twitter Engagement

When Twitter activity comes to a halt, it can be terrifying or deeply upsetting for social media managers and power users like you. And you must act on it as soon as possible.
After minutes of sudden fear and anxiety over the unanticipated event, you deduce that it was your fault to begin with. Then you visit the Internet or dig deep into books to learn more about social media marketing, zealously trying to carry out new strategies to mitigate circumstances.
Although it’s depressing how your Twitter figures dipped over the last year, with a great strategy and fine-tuning, you can perk up your dull Twitter activity. Here are four tips to achieve the kind of Twitter engagement you want.
Create High Quality Content
While it’s a good idea to retweet or share articles, quotes, and photos from other users, a better way to keep your audience engaged is to generate your own high quality content.
Social media users often follow brands because they want to see special offers or deals about product offerings or information about a topic related to a specific business. You will stand out as an influencer or thought leader – a reliable, trustworthy source – if you keep sharing relevant content that your audiences see as valuable and thought-provoking.
Change Your Style
How your tweets and the number of characters you use appear to your target audience affects its impact on them. Tweets that use similar styles repeatedly will bore your followers. And if they reach a certain point of boredom, they will unfollow your brand’s account. So what do you do to perk up those tweets?
Adding an image can make your tweets more stimulating and entertaining. Quicksprout said Twitter engagement with images is twice higher than those without images. If haven’t used links to related articles or content, it’s another effective way to liven up engagement on the platform. Tweets with links have an 86 percent retweet rate while link clicks account for 92 percent of engagement of a brand’s tweets. And make sure to keep your tweets succinct – below 100 characters – to give space for links.
It All Boils Down to Timing
What’s the use of tweeting if your followers can’t see your posts? It’s a hindrance that prevents you from generating retweets and mentions.
You have to keep tabs on the best times to post, so you know when most of your followers are online. And there are many tools such as Buffer that can help you track this information.
Be Polite
Learn to thank your followers. When you give valuable content to your audience, they will do something for you in return.
A simple thank to your followers shows good manner, respect, and courtesy on your community. And handing out simple signs of gratitude or responding to a tweet are easy ways to engage and build rapport with your followers. And Twitter users hate automated robot accounts that don’t have a single thread of humanity in them.
2014 has just started, so it’s your chance to start over without prejudice and to make things better from last year. If you had a freeze in Twitter activity during the holidays, change your method and experiment to see the best results you want.
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