Saturday, February 22, 2014

How to Find Keyword Conversions by URL Using Google Webmaster Tools

In January Google announced that numbers will no longer be rounded in Google Webmaster Tool Search Query reports. With that announcement these reports became 20 to 30 percent more accurate.
Not even available from the API, the Top Pages report is the only place you can find page-level search query data. Does this make it the most valuable report around?
This article walks through how to get keyword to landing page data by using the Top Pages report as a template. Then consolidating analytics conversions and trending over time in a very basic way.
Tools used:
  • Google Webmaster Tools
  • Google Analytics
  • Excel

Capture Top Pages Report Data

Google Webmaster Tools Search Query reports are the only way to can get decently comprehensive keyword data (we have to take what we can get from Google).
  • Set the dates to the first week of February and expand page entries (figure 2 below) to reveal all keywords.
Tips: Toggling from the bottom up is quicker and Noah Haibach at Lunametrics has a niceJavaScript workaround for doing all of this automatically.
  • Select, copy, then paste all data into Excel.
Note: Excel took awhile to think about wanting to paste.
After pasting, format to remove all links, insert a column to the left of Impressions, add new column headers, and save as a new .xlsx file.

(Full article here)

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