Sunday, February 23, 2014

Google+ Pages Dashboards Now Link to Google Analytics

Google Analytics advocate Daniel Waisberg took to Google+ yesterday to announce a new feature that adds Google Analytics information to the dashboard of your organization's Google+ page.
Simply put, if your company's Google+ page links back to your website and your site also uses Google Analytics, a Google+ card will appear in your dashboard, showing the number of new visits, unique visitors and pageviews for your the site linked to that page. The data is for the prior 30 days of visits and includes percent change from the previous 30-day period:
Google Plus Dashboard Shows Google Analytics Data
The card's context sensitive "tool tip" help specifies:
This card shows Google Analytics data for the website associated with your Google+ page. To change the card view, please configure the default view under your Google Analytics property.
Other cards typically found on an Google+ Page dashboard include Notifications specific to that page, Business insights on your website's reach and discovery on Google Search and Maps, and general business information about your page.
The Analytics card is short and sweet. Outside of the three metircs and percent change, there's only a link to Google Analytics that takes you directly into that site's report, regardless of how many sites you have connected.

Google Analytics Gets Another Facelift

Google Analytics recently changed their interface again. The former bright orange headers and buttons have been replaced by Google gray.
Google Analytics Redesign
The familiar two-tone orange Google Analytics logo with three, white data points has been slightly modified to remove the circular data points.
Customized Reports now has its own link called "Customization," featured between the "Reporting" and "Admin" links at the top of the page.
Lastly, Shortcuts now has its own area of the main left-side navigation.

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