Thursday, January 30, 2014

Why Social Media Marketers Prefer Not to Use Google+

Most people today still see Google+ as a conundrum, a social networking site with contradictory properties. It often is hard to commit or be fond of a particular social media channel, and to capitalize on it to achieve the best results. But Google+ is worthy of your consideration.
Lots of social media marketers have different reasons why they choose to not use Google+ deliberately. Some marketers who do use it are not as intense as when they are on other social networking sites. Here are a three of the reasons they intentionally ignore Google+:
1. Complicated
A number of people think learning Google+ is a long snaky road, lasting several days or weeks of studying how to use it effectively. Although the social network has a longer learning curve than most of its competitors, the time and effort to stay on top of things on Google+ certainly deserves it.
2. Inconvenience
For some people, Google+ is an enigma, something that baffles their understanding and is hard to explain. They think it’s inconvenient and challenging to use than other major social networking sites. But, like all things new, you must get used to using it, if you want to understand it better.
3. Wide Gap between the Marketer and the Target Audience
Google+ is the youngest of the major social networking sites. Since Google+ hasn’t been around for as long as Facebook and Twitter, the number of its active users is most likely lesser than both. But hordes of people continue to join Google+ Communities. If the target audiences have yet to connect to the business owner’s or marketer’s Google+ account, they can join effortlessly and the issue will be resolved.
For the eyes of social media marketers, it’s easy to fathom why Google+ isn’t as user-friendly as its rivals when it comes to navigation, interaction, and so on. But after the tough part of learning how things work and how to use each one, everything else will be seamless.
Most marketers prefer to use social networks and social media tools with easy-to-use, straightforward features. They want to use services and tools in which they can make the most of their efforts. For many of them, learning and using Google+ are complex processes.
To be clear, though, the social network is highly effective if you want to improve your online presence, as Google+ is tightly knit to Google Search. Then again, it has lots of features that will take time to learn. As a marketer, you must know these things so you can take full advantage of what is offered.
Apart from those reasons, a well-determined social media marketer has no excuse to ignore Google+ to improve the online presence of a business. The notion that the target audience is not using it, or thinking of other reasons to avoid the social network altogether, is not a valid excuse.
Connecting with your target audience on Google+ is easy, and you can start engaging with them after you’re accustomed to using its many features. The features that Google+ provides are highly effective, and it will empower you to interact with your target audience and to build rapport – a mutually beneficial relationship – with them.
In any case, social media is about building and nurturing relationships. And Google+ is a great social media tool for business owners and marketers. If you have a penchant for avoiding it, study how each of its features works. A brief reading about it will give you a good grasp on what it has to offer. You will find that you can use the tool effectively, and your business will reach its desired goals.
Make Google+ an essential part of your social media marketing strategy. It will build your online presence and credibility, position yourself as an influencer or though leader, and reinforce your reputation as a professional in your line of business.

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