Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Social Linguistics: The Contextual Evolution

Words and meanings have been changing for centuries from cave paintings to petro glyphs to pictograms to ideograms to writing to the alphabet. And within each of those changes, there were historical and contextual changes that revolutionized the way humans interacted.
Today is no different. We have new acronyms like LOL. OMG. TY. BRB. New words like Selfie, Hashtag, Wiki and Tag. These terms have their own new “assigned” meaning, and have helped us gain a new way of conversing with each other. In quick statements, letters, sometimes pictures, we’re learning to speak a new language. Full proper sentences are becoming a thing of the past when it comes to short engagement, like on Twitter and text, because we’re looking for a faster way to be efficient in our conversations. The faster we move online and with mobile devices, the more we will see language continue to change. With a new “social” language, this evolution is happening faster, more disruptively and with greater global context than ever before.

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