Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Six Social Media Mistakes You Should Avoid in 2014

Social media played a significant part in the personal as well as the business world during the past few years. Its importance is expected to increase in the years to come. And the way things have turned out over the past couple of years, 2014 will be no different. More and more businesses will use social media to market their products and services. However, many of them are expected to commit a few mistakes. Many of these lapses can even be fatal for the business and can result in huge losses for the business. If you want to avoid these mistakes, you need to remain aware of some of these lapses. This will ensure that you do not make the mistakes with social media, which can result in immense loss for your business.

What on Earth is social media!
Still wondering how the social media can come in handy in your business endeavours? Still not sure whether to impose a lot of importance on social media in your business? This can be one of the most fatal mistakes you can make on the business front in 2014. For any business, communicating with its target audience is of utmost importance. And the best way to do that at present is through social media. It makes connecting with people an easy task. It is extremely important to have a well laid out social media strategy for your business. If you are still not sure about how to include social media in your business plans, this can be one of the major mistakes.
All Social Media Websites have Equal Importance
It might happen that you understand the immense importance of social media in your business. You have also taken into account its use in your plan of actions. Yet, you are finding that it is not providing enough results. At least, not as much as you had expected. Where have you gone wrong then? Keep your social media plan limited to a few sites only. There is absolutely no use of spreading your actions across a vast number of social media sites. There are numerous social media websites on the internet. However, you need to select a few of them, which are expected to help you reap maximum benefits. When you share the news of a new product on social media, you should have a proper idea of the websites, which are going to help drive maximum business.
Tweeting All Day Long
Twitter, no doubt, will turn out to be one of the most powerful weapons in the social media world in the years to come. It is quite obvious that you will be making maximum use of it during the year. But before delving in those actions, make sure that you know how to deal with it perfectly. Tweeting can be a great marketing tool, but never make excessive use of it. You should not tweet throughout the day. Instead, keeping the activity limited to three to four tweets a day can be a good idea.
Using Lots of Hashtags
For almost anything you do, it is extremely important to have the perfect idea about how many is too many. This holds true especially when you are using hashtags on twitter. In 2014, even if the common trend turns out to be using maximum hashtags, you will have to be confident enough to avoid it. Be specific while using the hashtags. Use a maximum of two or three hashtags and remove any similar hashtag that has been used. This will ensure that your tweet has maximum utility and thus, your business will be benefitted most through it.
Be Satisfied on Gaining a Lot of ‘Likes’ and ‘Tweets’
With the advent of different types of social media websites, marketing your products have become easy. When you post about new products on Facebook, you might be getting a lot of shares and likes. A number of tweets might help you spread the word about your product on twitter. However, these shares and tweets may mean a great marketing, but that does not mean numerous people are going to purchase the product. Hence, you need to go an extra mile to ensure that all these likes and tweets translate into great business.
Using Social Media as Your Company’s Mouthpiece
As the term itself suggests, social media is a tool for the interaction of people. Using it as a megaphone to market your product is one of the biggest mistakes that you will commit in 2014. Instead, you should always look to ensure that you can post the news of your product in the social media in such a way that it inspires a discussion among your potential clients. This will make a lot of people interested in your brand and your new product is expected to become the talk of the day. The result: better business and enhanced profit.
Social media can be a great tool and your strength, as long as you use it prudently. Avoid using social media in a way that it turns out to be your weakness.

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