Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Does Facebook Need the Power of Television?
It goes without saying but the conventional way of watching television has slowly but surely faded away. With such services as Netflix and Hulu, people do not have to worry about setting up schedules for the sake of catching the latest episodes of the thrillers that they enjoy. However, does this necessarily mean that TV has become useless in the way of marketing? For those who are doubtful, Facebook plans to make the most out of this medium as possible.

It was recently announced that Facebook would go after TV advertising, which will be done through a rather unique system. Its video ad strategy will cover three different points that will come together in order to help make said strategy effective. Firstly, the market will be seeded with an initial campaign; a teaser of sorts, one could say. Secondly, a huge advertising spend will be put into place in order to direct attention to the product or campaign being targeted. Thirdly, and finally, awareness will continue through “sustained” media.

It’s not hard to see why Facebook has decided to make this change, especially when considering just how much time people spend online every day. For example, on my off time, it’s not uncommon for me to surf Tumblr while paying little to no attention to the television. It serves as background noise but nothing more. Again, this doesn’t necessarily mean that TV, in general, has become a fruitless tool. If anything, other types of platforms have expanded so much that they offer services which TV on its own cannot.

Not only did the video deck made by Facebook spoke about the marketing behind video ads but how they compare to TV networks in general. According to a particular graph made possible by Nielsen statistics, Facebook can reach 70% of people between the ages of 18 and 24. Major TV networks, on the other hand, can only reach anywhere from 55% to 61% of individuals in that same group. For the longest time, only TV could appeal to an entire populace. To say the least, Long Island marketing – as well as other forms of marketing – has changed.

When looking at this system, one can present the query, “How can any company make use of this concept?” Facebook is different than most, seeing as how it has a dedicated user base that very few companies can claim to possess. In addition, with fewer people spending time watching television, the fact that they will spend time utilizing other platforms for their enjoyment can support multiple claims. Amongst them has got to be that Facebook chose the ideal time to go after TV advertising dollars.

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