Friday, December 13, 2013

A Subtle Way to Make Your Facebook Images Pop on the News Feed


Every good marketer knows that the way Facebook users scan their News Feeds doesn't leave a lot of time to catch the eye - and further interest - of a potential customer. Posting compelling images is an essential part of the strategy, but here's one subtle tip to help your images stand out even more. 
As you can see above, the technique involves using a large block of contrasting colour in the background of one of your Facebook posts, but, crucially, leaving a portion white at the top. Thiscreates the illusion of your image popping "out" of the screen against the blank Facebook background. 
In this second example, I have added an arrow to enhance the effect further, and draw people's eyes to my message in the status update.  
Although the effect is very subtle, in the context of all the other "flat" images on a busy News Feed, it really does catch the eye. Try experimenting with this method using different images and colours to see what works best for you. 

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