Advertising on Facebook
Advertising on social media has been frowned upon in the past but things have changed. You might be thinking about including Facebook advertising as part of your online marketing strategy moving forward so here are 5 things you need to know before advertising on Facebook.
1. Create a Facebook Page
It may seem obvious but to advertise your business on Facebook, you need to have a Facebook Fan Page. Without this, you will be throwing your money away by not capturing Facebook likes via a fan page and eventually turning them into customers, giving you a return on the money spent through advertising.
2. Be Prepared to Monitor Performance
When running a Facebook advertising campaign, you can’t just set it up and let it work on its own. Just because you have put in all the hard work setting up a campaign targeted at your ideal audience, it doesn’t mean you will get the best possible results. You will need to keep a close eye on how each advert is performing to make sure money isn’t being spent without achieving your goals.
3. Images Professionally Designed
When running a Pay Per Click Campaign inside of Facebook, you will need to have images to go with the text you use. To receive the best possible exposure, you need to have them professionally designed. It doesn’t have to cost you a lot of money to do this, you can use a company called Fiverr where you can get any kind of design done for just $5. Remember the images you want to use have to be specific to your business and be engaging.
4. Have a Clear Goal
To make sure your advertising is successful, you need to have an end goal. Is it to achieve more Facebook likes or is it to promote and event or product you want to get people interested in. Whatever it is, make sure the page you are directing those clicking on your ads to makes it very clear in regards to the action you want them to take. If they don’t understand what they need to do straight away, they won’t bother and you will have wasted your money.
5. Who Do You Want to Target?
Probably the most important part of running an advertising campaign inside of Facebook is deciding who you want to target. Remember there are over 1 billion people using Facebook – you can’t target all of them and to be honest, you don’t want to target all of them. The best way to find your niche market is to think about your target customer. Do you target males or females? In the UK? In specific areas of just London? You also need to consider occupation, interests and age. Without narrowing down your ideal market, you will end up spending your advertising budget in a matter of minutes.
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