Wednesday, September 25, 2013

The Role of Facebook Hashtags in your Marketing Efforts [INFOGRAPHIC]

Companies and brands with a specific target audience can use hashtags to draw their consumers into a deeper conversation, and encourage them further to interact with shares, likes, sales, and lead generation. Start capturing the power of Facebook Hashtags in your marketing efforts to grow your brand. Take a look at the infographic by PiJnz team that evaluate Facebook hashtag, Why it is important? What is its role in your social media marketing efforts?

Facebook #hashtags can help your brand

Expand its reach - You can help people interested in niche topics find each other and join the conversation.

Amplify the brand - You can help an idea or new product catch on by branding your Facebook page with your own special hastag. Give people an easy way to share information about that product or idea.

Cross social platforms - You can post to multiple platforms with the same post now that hastags in Facebook are more searchable.

Promote specials and events - You can use a special hastag in your posts to highlight promotions taking place on other platforms.

Capture new fans and potential leads - You can gain the opportunities to reach like-minded individuals within key audiences and get them to engage with your page or cause.

Facebook hastag

Tips for using hastags

  • Don't overdo hastags - use them sparingly and not in every post.
  • Hashtags must be all one word (no spaces).
  • Capitalization doesn't matter.
  • Before you use a hashtag, do research and ensure that it will work.
  • Encourage users to make their posts public to increase reach.