Monday, August 19, 2013

How to Recruit Top Talent with Meaningful Social Media Content

Social Media Talent Recruitment

When you think of recruitment on social media, I can all but guarantee the first thing you think of is LinkedIn. And for good reason: LinkedIn’s over 235 million registered users is nothing to scoff at.
While LinkedIn is a fantastic platform for recruitment, other platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, and Vine can be highly effective to utilize for your recruitment efforts as well.
Put yourself in the shoes of a highly qualified hopeful employee for a moment. If you were to conduct research on companies you might be interested in working for, where would you look?
Probably on Google. LinkedIn for sure. You’d definitely check out their Facebook Page and Twitter profile. And certainly YouTube for any video content they may have published. The impression prospective employees form of your organization is comprised of the information they gather from a number of different sources.
So, you should do what you can to showcase the things that matter to them through some amazing content, in the numerous places they’re likely to seeking out information.
Corporate culture is often cited as being an important to factor to people when choosing a prospective place of employment. Showcase your company’s culture by publishing photo galleries of your latest work event, party, excursion, training session, the company dog, ping-pong table, beer tap, or anything else that speaks to your culture. Don’t be shy about shooting a quick video of the fun that happens in your workplace, or tasking employees with documenting ‘day in the life of’ videos.
The more you can give people a sense of how amazing it is to work at your company, the more people will hopefully yearn to work for you, and you’ll be able to more easily and cost effectively recruit top talent.
If you offer free breakfasts and lunches to your employees, have beer cart on Fridays, or offer everyone in your organization a fund for professional or personal development, why not show that off? There aren’t many organizations who really excel here, at least in my knowledge, but those who do become well known for it.
If you’re offering employees some pretty sweet perks or benefits, use that not only as a tool for employee retention, but showcase it for purposes of recruitment.
When at work, most of us have significant interest in ensuring that the work we do has meaning, that it is contributing to the growth and development of our company, and that it is consequential to those who we do it for.
You can help prospective employees see that the work they will be doing will carry significance and meaning by showcasing the amazing work that you are already doing. Not only will this enhance prospective employees’ perspective of your organization, but also it will have the very positive side effect of showcasing this work for prospective clients or customers.
For many job seekers, particularly when looking at smaller businesses or startups, an organization’s senior leadership tends to be of great interest. These are the people who are primarily responsible for the direction the business takes, the way it operates, for setting the tone for culture, and more.
Consider spotlighting your business’ senior leadership team by ensuring they contribute to your business’ blog, create a video series where they give pointers to up-and-comers in your industry, and find opportunities for them to broaden their digital footprint on other high-profile social media communities.
The content that prospective employees are going to find attractive, and that will boost the profile of your business, is going to vary by industry and by what level of position people are looking for. Also, consider the many social media and digital platforms that these people are likely to explore throughout their job hunt and try to showcase your value proposition on those channels.

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