Thursday, August 8, 2013

How to Increase Your Social Media Reach: Tailor Content to Different Platforms

1. Twitter, the social butterfly
Twitter is classified as a “micro-blogging” site. It is used differently from the traditional blog, but for the purposes of social reach, can be much more effective. Twitter drops by to say hi before she rushes off to work/class/brunch with friends. You have that 30 second (or rather, 140 character) window to catch a tweeter’s attention and get your message across. As such, twitter messages have to be straight to the point. Forget the “hi, how are you today,” and go straight to the “Read this whitepaper!” or “limited time package offer!” Follow up with a link for those who want to read more in depth.

2. Facebook, the longtime friend
Facebook is a little less hyperactive than twitter—these are the people who you can pause and have an ongoing conversation with. It’s easy to view all your interactions in one place on Facebook by looking at your “friendship” history or your messages. This makes Facebook the perfect place to educate leads about your products, develop a personal repertoire, and answer questions. In addition, Facebook is a good place to share visual content.

3. LinkedIn, the business acquaintance
LinkedIn is a little more formal than twitter or Facebook. This is a good place to provide background information and credentials about yourself or your company, as well as establish B2B relationships with other companies in your industry. Don’t underestimate job-seekers or individuals with a professional interest in your field either; these people can be valuable as potential leads or brand advocates.

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