Sunday, August 18, 2013

Google's Search Market Share Shoots Back to 67%

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Google is once again gathering more search market share and remains the uncontested top search engine in the U.S. In July comScore reported that Google's market share shot back to 67 percent after having fallen below that mark three months ago.

ComScore's monthly analysis showed Google is up 0.3 points from June and 0.2 percentage points from July 2012.
Yahoo CEO Marissa Mayer earlier this month said "Search is far from over," but Yahoo hit yet another new low, declining 0.1 percentage point in July at 11.3 percent. Compared to July 2012, that's nearly 2 percentage points less than its 13 percent share.
And while it appeared that last month, Yahoo and Bing were merely trading market share, Bing didn't gain from Yahoo's loss in July. Bing's share stayed the same from 17.9 percent in June. This is up more than 2 percent, however, since the 15.7 percent market share it had in July 2012.
Both Ask and AOL declined 0.1 percent in July, with Ask at 2.7 percent and AOL at 1.2 percent. Both are down from this time last year, where Ask had 3.1 percent of market share and AOL had 1.5 percent.
When it came to Google-powered organic searches in July, the search engine held steady from June with 68.6 percent of searches. Bing experienced a 0.3 percentage-point increase at 27.1 percent of searches in July.
Data show there was a total of 19.4 billion explicit core searches in July, with Google ranking first at just under 13 billion (up 1 percent since last month). Bing came in second at 3.5 billion searches, up 1 percent since June, followed by Yahoo, which held steady at 2.2 billion.
Ask was down 2 percent in July from the previous month at 516 million. AOL was also down – 5 percent – at 239 million.


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