Monday, August 26, 2013

7 Tips to Make Your Content Pop!

Making the most out of the content you’ve written is essential in determining it’s success.  Make sure your content pops by considering these 7 factors…
Make Your Content Pop
1 Think about keywords
This is important for SEO and in helping your readers location information that is relevant to them.  Use keywords in headings and sub headings to help readers identify what’s relevant to them.  Tag your posts with relevant keywords and also make sure your blog content is properly categorised too.
2 Use awesome pictures
People love pictures, make sure you use pictures to add interest to what would otherwise be a bland and uninspiring block of text. A good picture really can make or break the engagement generated by content so make sure your text is broken up by using sub headings, lists, quotes and images.
3 Include calls to action
Want readers to visit your website, leave a comment or send you an enquiry? Make sure your writing includes a call to action wherever possible.
4 Write a strong headline
A good headline can make or break your content and will seriously determine the levels of engagement you are able to achieve. A good headline needs to be attention grabbing and should clearly summarise the nature of the content.
5 How clear is your messaging?
What is the point of your article? Do you say everything you need to say in a clear and easy to follow way? Do you waffle on and become irrelevant anywhere down the line? Content can often be edited down to improve the focus and clarity of the piece, but don’t strip it down ruthlessly. Bare facts can be just as unappealing as long drawn-out content.
6 Do your links work?
Have you included useful links in your content? If so, make sure they all work and pay attention to how they open. Taking a reader away from your page might not be a great idea, in which case you might want to open a new window with your link. Likewise, deep linking through to relevant content on your website, news or blog page plays an important role in SEO. Finally, make sure all pictures included in your post are showing correctly and don’t have broken paths or links.
7 Promote your new content
Once you’ve published your new content you need to tell people about it. It can take Google anything from a few hours to days before it will pick up and index your new content, so search engines alone should not be relied upon for sending you traffic.
Use all the channels available to you from your clients or companies news page through to social media. Social is the ideal way to promote your article so make sure you use Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn etc to publicize your new content.

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