Friday, August 9, 2013

5 Pinterest Analytics Tools That Will Help You Improve Your Social Media Marketing Strategy

Most of you are likely aware that Pinterest has become a major player in the social media landscape; in it’s three-and-a-half years of existence it has blossomed into one of the most heavily-used social media sites out there, with over 70 million users across the globe. In terms of marketing, some studies claim that Pinterest drives more traffic than LinkedIn and YouTube.   Others have Pinterest as the 5th largest social media network, behind Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, and Youtube.   Whether it’s the 3rd or 5th most popular, it deserves a large portion of your social media marketing attention!
Incorporating an analytics strategy can help you to maximize the efforts spent on Pinterest Marketing.  Although Pinterest now offers an analytics platform, it’s simply not enough; the only data it provides is based on images pinned from your SITE.  If you repin a pin, Pinterest’s analytics will NOT tell you how often that pin was liked or repinned. Finding the right tool for Pinterest analytics is KEY.
There are a wide variety of Pinterest analytics tools out there, each designed to cover a specific or multiple metrics. The key is to decide what metrics you need to be measuring and find the tool that best works for your brand.
Here we have a list of 5 tools that can measure your activity on Pinterest and the success of your content, so that you may improve your strategy—not only on Pinterest, but on all your social media channels.
Earlier this year Pinterest released it’s own analytics tool, which can be accessed by upgrading to a Verified Business Account. It offers a fairly wide range of metrics, including pins and repins, impressions, reach, clicks, visitors, etc.
This data is all based off of images from your website, which means it doesn’t measure all of your Pinterest activity, but it does give valuable insight into how the content from your website is performing on Pinterest, and whether or not that content is drawing in traffic to your site.
Piqora (previously Pinfluencer) is a great tool that allows you to gather data from both your website and your Pinterest activity. It has basic features that allow you to track the performance of your pins and boards, and neater features such as Competitor tracking and a “Gallery” mode which uses image-recognition tech to find and display pins of a brand’s products in an embedded pinboard.
In terms of analytics, however, Piqora has recently made headlines as it rolled out it’sexpanded services to track analytics for both Tumblr and Instagram. The company is rebranding itself as a multi-platform, one-stop analytics tool, making it very appealing choice for those looking to see all their analytics data in one place.
Pinleague is another tool that provides analytics data on the content from your site, as well as your Pinterest activity. It can tell you which images have been pinned, how many unique times they’ve been pinned, repinned, and by whom. It will also give you data on all your brand mentions, and help you measure engagement, ROI, and competitor tracking.
I’ve found Pinleague to be one my favorite tools, as it’s easy-to-use and offers a great analytics suite and campaign tools that fit my needs. The data available on Pinleague can give you information on what images your audience loves, which ones don’t get attention, and how your content moves through the Pinterest-sphere.
PinReach is a well-known and popular tool that helps you find new pins, monitor trends, and measures your engagement. It’s fairly basic in terms of analytics data, but it generates a “score” of exactly where you stand in terms of Pinterest engagement.
While this number may seem arbitrary in terms of reporting, it’s a useful tool to help you understand your activity and impact and gauge where you need to improve.
You can use the content you find here to seed your boards with pins you know are trending and repinnable in order to get more followers, or you can emulate the content you find in hopes your own original pins will go viral. Either way, you’re getting a better sense of the types of content that perform well on Pinterest.
For big businesses with larger budgets, Curalate is a more comprehensive platform that doesn’t just track social signals, but uses advanced image analytics to give you a full measure of the success of your social media campaign. This tool was the first to really capitalize on the visual aspect of Pinterest analytics..
It offers not only image-based analytics but also features to help you better engage with your Pinterest audience. This is critical because by tracking comments you can get a better understanding of what they like and respond to best; by engaging with your audience, you give them reason to participate and interact with your brand, and give them the potential to become brand ambassadors.
This level of engagement is the goal of any social media marketing campaign, and Pinterest is one of the easiest sites to achieve this on. Pinterest can become the measure by which you test out new content or brand awareness strategies.
Tracking for Success
Pinterest can give you a wealth of data that is not available to you through other platforms. The very nature of Pinterest encourages interaction – if you find an awesome pin, it’s almost second nature for people to want to repin this image and store it on their own boards.  If you share something on Facebook or retweet on Twitter, it will quickly disappear in the Timeline and be forgotten forever.  But the Pinterest’s pinboard display keeps pins relevant and accessible.
You can use your Pinterest account to test your audience, and see what it is they are most interested in.  For example, I was suprised to find that my most popular board is one that I created for fun one afternoon: Fun Kids Pins.  This board alone has over 16,000 repins, and a very high virality and engagement score.
These insights have inspired me to create a new site centered around this type of content!
As for content centered around my target audience, through Pinleague’s analytics I discovered that there’s great interest for information about Pinterest Holiday Marketing, which is a popular social media infographic on our Social Media board.

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