Thursday, August 8, 2013

3 Most Common Brand Social Media Species

After observing many brand profiles in the social media ecosystem over the past few years, my research on these unique creatures has resulted in the discovery of three distinct species. In this article, I present my findings and welcome all peer reviews. Here are the three most common brand social media species:

Selfus promoterous

Population Share: ~85%
Selfus promoterous is the most common, yet un-evolved, species in the social media ecosystem. This creature has excelled at presenting it’s offerings to the market in a maddeningly frequent fashion, but it seems as though its evolutionary journey has stopped there. Rarely does Selfus promoterous leave it’s own habitat to explore the world, communicate with or help others. This species simply has an inward-looking perspective that believes the world exists to only receive information about it’s own uniqueness and offerings. Therefore, this species suffers a lonely existence solely made up of remunerated or otherwise artificial relationships.

Jackassius maximus

Population Share: ~10%
Jackassius maximus is thankfully a mostly rare breed in the social media ecosystem. However, one or more of these characters always seems to be in the news in yet another painfully awkward attempt at forging it’s place in the world. Jackassius maximus certainly makes a strong effort at a meaningful existence, yet lacks a common sense approach to doing so. Due to the lack of a solid strategy and market wisdom, this species resorts to humor (or lack thereof) as a differentiating tactic. It is always just a matter of time before the lack of experience and risk with humor rears it’s ugly head and spells disaster for Jackassius maximus. As a result, this species suffers regular embarrassment and shame in the ecosystem. The damage always seem to outweigh the reward for this unfortunate creature.

Experta trustae

Population Share: ~5%
Experta trustae is the rarest and most evolved of all. Rather than focusing completely inward, this wise creature defines it’s existence by focusing on other members of the ecosystem who are key to it’s own survival. This species utilizes it’s inherent skills and competencies to constantly contribute knowledge and value to the ecosystem. This process develops trust and attention among key members targeted by Experta trustae. This trust and attention is what allows Experta trustae to extract value from the social media ecosystem. This enlightened species understands that it is impossible to take more value from it’s ecosystem than is contributed. Therefore, Experta trustae has highly evolved strategies for creating the most value at the lowest cost to it’s existence.

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