Wednesday, August 7, 2013

10 Tips for Better Facebook Status Updates

Facebook status updates stand out from the crowd:
  1. Post an interesting fact. If you’re sharing a blog post or an online article, create a status update that features the piece’s most interesting fact or statement to stir reader curiosity and encourage click-throughs.
  2. Share a tip. Begin the post with the word “TIP!” This makes your status update stand out in your fans’ News Feeds. 
  3. Endorse content. Add an endorsement when you share someone else’s content or status update to change the way users react to a post.
  4. Don’t always ask a question. You don’t always have to ask your fans what they think. Mix it up!
  5. Inspire action. Post an image and include an ask such as, “If you’re on Pinterest, feel free to repin!” This usually results in pins and likes.
  6. Tell users what to expect. If you’re posting a video or linking to a blog article that’s on the long side, set your followers’ expectations by telling them exactly how long it is so they know what they’re getting into.
  7. Add a “P.S.”. In email marketing, adding “P.S.” at the end is a proven and effective way to grab the readers’ attention. Test using a “P.S.” line in a few status updates and see if it improves engagement.
  8. Use short links: Instead of copying and pasting a long URL into your status update, use a link-shortener like to make your post briefer and more likely to be shared.
  9. Use images with text.  An online tool like PicMonkey will help you add the right HTML description to your images, which improves SEO.
  10. Ask users to comment. Use a give-to-get approach — e.g. ask your fans to share their Twitter handles with you and promise that you’ll follow them back. Comments are worth more than likes in Facebook Edgerank, which improves the likelihood that your post will be featured in your fans’ News Feeds.
facebook status update infographic 10 Tips for Better Facebook Status Updates [Infographic]


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