Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Top 6 Social Media Marketing Tips

One of the best ways to get the best results from social media marketing is by utilising the vast amount of useful resources available online – from bloggers, industry websites, other competitors, and resource-based infosites.
But, as with all marketing, the best returns come from taking action and doing it – social media marketing is, after all, experiential. It’s only by rolling up the sleeves and making consistent effort toengage via social media that worthwhile results follow.

However, one of the problems with so much information available online regarding effective sociual media marketing means that one of the biggest challenges for many is actually getting started, and making a significant start to their social media and blogging.
With this in mind, here’s my top six tips for hassle-free social media marketing:
* Keep it simple
My favourite social media all-stars are the folk who manage to effortlessly engage in their own style, in their own time, and with a voice all of their own. For me, keeping it simple is all about retaining a unique voice online. 
* Keep it real
There are so many blogs, social media profiles, and an increasing amount of white noise online, that keeping it real is critical. By being true to your own offline style, you’ll also stand out when it comes tosocial media marketing, too.
* Keep it timely
Time is the biggest gift we have to give, and social media engagement can be time-consuming. Free up your time by looking at social media management platforms to save time. My favourite isHootSuite Pro.
* Keep it focused
Retaining focus is crucial with social media marketing. There are lots of chattering, random and ineffective profiles out there – don’t become one of them. Use marketing tools such as Lead Forensics to pinpoint who to target with your social content.
* Keep it engaging
Social media marketing needs to engage, to engage well, and to engage often. The attention span of your target audience is vastly reduced online, so step up your game and keep them coming back. A blog really delivers the goods.
* Keep it integrated
Effective social media marketing should be integrated with the rest of your marketing. Consider linking up your social media engagement with everything you do, such as a monthly Enewsletter