Wednesday, July 17, 2013

How to Create a Perfect Facebook Ad Campaign

Now, Internet users are spending more time on social media platforms like Facebook and Twitter than ever before. If you as a marketer or an advertiser are unable or unwilling to appreciate the importance of Facebook ads then you will be failing to connect millions of online visitors to your business.

Earlier, only Google had the monopoly on creating and running ads online. Its program Google Adwords was the only choice for advertisers to sell their products.
However, now things have changed dramatically. With the emergence of Facebook ads marketers could specifically target people coming on to the Facebook.
Although Facebook can never replace Google Adwords but still it offers an alternative which is very effective. Therefore, advertisers and marketers alike cannot afford to overlook the power of Facebook ads platform.
If you are planning to run an advertising campaign on Facebook then you need to create a perfect ad campaign for getting maximum exposure.
Following are 10 tips to create a perfect Facebook ad campaign:

1. Who is Your Audience

Not just for Facebook Advertisement but for any other type of advertisement you need to know your audience. If you know the demographics then you can create ads according them.
Although on social media websites like Facebook the audience is younger from age 12 years old to 35 years. Mainly, they are high school and college going students.
However, you have to dig deep and conduct a thorough research about them.
Their geography, gender, interests, marital status, language they speak, why they are on Facebook, educational level, their hobbies and many such thing according to the ad campaign you are running.
While creating ads these things matter a lot. So know your audience as much as you can.

2. The Image in Your Ad

As you know the saying a picture is worth a 1000 words. Moreover, as I said in previous paragraph that your audience is going to be young people and they are very much attracted by the graphics or the image you choose in your ads.
If you have an image or a photo of high quality with person’s face then it is going to pull in the eyeballs of people landing to your Facebook page.
Therefore, choose a high quality image that suits the ad campaign you are running.

3. Creating Targeted Ads

This would be your most important step because everything else depends upon the kind of ads you create.
If you do not have experience of working on other PPC platforms then you need to be very careful.
Your ads must be targeted and should get the eyeballs of a visitor the moment he sees the ad.
Here you have to experiment daily by creating new ads every time unless it works.
It is always better to create 5 to 10 ads because it is good for rotating.

4. Set Facebook Page as the Destination

The landing page should be your Facebook page.
You can also edit the Title of your ad using the Facebook page.
It is the best way to reach out your exact customer. If you are targeting to a 65 years old man in some country then you could reach out to him.

5. Sponsored Stories

Sponsored stories are the ones that go into the new feed and they are shown at the right hand also.
It has a great conversion rate as more people click on those ads.
You could also increase likes of your Facebook page. Sponsored stories are selected by default when you are advertising on Facebook.
There is advanced option if you want to advertise only a sponsored story.
Sponsored stories are one of the major changes that took place with the Facebook ads.

6. Experiment with Cost Per Impression (CPM)

This is very good option if you want to pay for cost per impression rather for clicks. If you feel that you do not have sufficient budget paying for clicks then you could go for cost per impression.
Whether you get 100 clicks to your ads or not even one click you are going to pay the same amount because it is for only 1000 impression.
So CPM is the best way to start of Facebook advertising if your budget is tight.

7. Work on Bidding Your Ads

I gave a tip in previous paragraph that you can start bidding for per 1000 impressions.
If you are new to bidding with budget constraints then bidding for CPM is best for you.
However, it might not be very profitable if you are really involved in Facebook advertising. To get quick and effective result you have to bid for clicks.
Hence, you need to learn and develop a plan if you want to make profit.

8. Offer an Incentive

An online visitor sees hundreds of ads daily on different websites. So why would he click your ad only?
You need to offer free coupon or free membership if you want them to click your ads.
Your ads must be different from others and the best way to do is through offering something for free.

9. Right Timing for Showing Ads

Even if you know your audience it is always better to know which of the day converts better.
You might be surprised to know at certain time in a day gives more conversion compared to rest of the time period.
So you have to keep an eye once your ads start running and note the time when the conversion rates are higher.

10. Keep Tracking and Experimenting

Facebook ads like PPC ads do not have any blueprint. So you do not how a campaign is going to work, especially when it comes to setting your daily budget.
From creating ads to budgets you need to keep experimenting otherwise you are going to fail.
Maintaining an Excel file for the days you created ads and tracking your conversion rates is the key to success with Facebook ads.
Finally, like other PPC Facebook ads are very important to learn if you want to target people on the social media. Learn these 10 tips to make best out of Facebook ads.

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