Thursday, July 18, 2013

6 Inspiring Types of Text Posts for Your Social Media Content!

Posting great content on your social networks starts with knowing what kinds of posts are possible. We have broken them down into six types:
  1. Images
  2. Text
  3. Videos
  4. Other People’s Content
  5. Website/Blog posts
  6. Podcasts
Pictures in social media are the dominant type of content post, but text plays an important role in your posts too.  Look at Twitter, the majority of posts there are text.  Then, look at Facebook.  The reach is best for text-only posts too.  The argument there is that images are the most interacted with, which increases the reach.  That is why it is good to have a mix of different types of content.  In this post, our focus is on text.
So how do you come up with ideas for text posts?  Let’s focus on 6 Inspiring Types of Text Posts for Your Social Media Content.
#1) Questions
Asking questions is at the top of the list for text content.  Asking questions creates engagement.  You can ask questions on your social channels along with images, but here we are talking about ‘text only.’  So what is the best kind of question?  Short, simple, and to-the-point!
Here are some examples.
  • Facebook or Twitter?
  • Couch, Loveseat or Recliner?
  • What’s the best way to read a book:  audio, kindle or hard copy?
#2) Giving people choices makes them more likely to answer.  Wouldn’t you rather take a multiple choice test than an open ended test?  These don’t take much time or energy for people to answer, so they are more likely to get the engagement.
Now I want to give a plug for my friends over at Post Planner.  They have status ideas in their Facebook app with thousands of questions.  This takes the hassle out of coming up with the ideas by yourself.  Below is a screenshot of their app.  
The key to remember is when you ask a question, keep it simple and try to keep it relevant to your business too.
text post ideas for social media content
#3) Quotes
People crave a little motivation. They want to learn.  Quotes are a simple way to motivate and teach.  There are business quotes, success quotes, quotes about different holidays; the list goes on and on.
Below are four ways to get different quotes for your business.
  1. Google
  2. A Motivational Quote Calendar
  3. Quote Apps on my iPhone
  4. If I see a quote on a social platform, I like, I save it and reuse
Just remember to not just steal the quote, but to give credit to the person that wrote it.
#4) Tips
A tip is a simple way of educating your fans.  How do you come up with tips? One way is to brainstorm a list of commonly asked questions in your business, then answer them with a tip.
#5) Fill-in-the-Blanks
Fill-in-the-blanks are similar to questions.  They are simple and create engagement.  Some samples of these are:
  • My favorite social media site is _______________.
  • I’ve lived in ___________cities in my life.
  • Fill in the blank.  I laugh every time I think about ______. (You can tell people to fill in the blank too.)
Have fun with these, but one warning is to be careful that you don’t leave the blank too open ended for a potentially bad response.

#6) Testimonials
Any time you can show off your business with testimonials and success stories, it gives social proof to your business.  There are many different formats to put a testimonial on your social media, but plain text works too!
One simple example is to grab a testimonial from a recent online review.  Did you recently get a review on Google Places, Yelp, Houzz, Angie’s List, etc.? IF so,  copy and paste that review into all your social networks.