Thursday, June 13, 2013

Why Businesses Need To Notice SMS Marketing

Simply put, short message service marketing or SMS marketing needs to be given attention to by businesses because it can be an effective way to reach customers. Consider this: 98 percent of text messages received by people are read. Compare that to the following read rates for other social marketing outlets: 29 percent for Twitter tweets, 20 percent of emails, a dismal 12 percent of Facebook posts.
People have a penchant for checking their phones every day. The mobile phone is probably the last thing people set aside when they are about to sleep and the first thing they check when they wake up.
According to the infographic from, an average person checks their phone 150 times every day and has his or her phone at arm’s reach 14 hours every day.
Furthermore, SlickText says that SMS marketing campaigns are opted out less than 5 percent of the time.
Learn more about the reasons why a business should consider SMS marketing in the informative infographic below.
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