Friday, June 21, 2013

Twitter Analytics

Twitter best practices
It looks like everyone's getting into the analytics game.  We have Facebook Insights, Pinterest analytics, and now, even Twitter analytics.  This is great for a Social Media Marketer because one of the toughest parts of our job is showing the impact of our work through measurable actions.

To login, go here:
From there you can see a better view of what type of content is working best.  You can see how many clicks a link received, how many retweets you received and how many replies you got from a specific tweet.
From a marketing standpoint, I'm interested in what type of content drives the most traffic. Click-through rates are key to identifying what people like to see from me. It shows an engaged audience and it shows what content is working best for engaging my followers.
Best Twitter Analytics
The analytics program also works in real time, which is very useful in determining whether or not what you're tweeting about right now is working.
These analytics aren't too advanced. In fact, you can see the same type of content through other analytics programs, like Hootsuite. Or, if you dig deep into Google analytics, you can see which tweets are getting the most action (assuming you Tweet links from your own site). Nonetheless, it's still nice to have this option for a Twitter-only view.
What type of Tweets is your audience engaging with most?